Pre-vizsla Dark Saber [Build in progress]


New Hunter
Hi everyone ! i hope i post it in the right place !
i'm in the progress of designing a toy/replica of the Dark saber of Pre-viszla in star-wars the clone wars series.
the aim is to get a fairly good replica of the design but with the ability to unfold a blade by a simple movement. the whole thing will be 3D printed and will be available for free in thingiverse (for whose who will want such a thing ^^)

here my progress so far :
Capture.PNG P1010966.jpg P1010967.jpg

i'm just a beginner in design, and 123D design too... and ffor the moment i'm quite struggling to get the results i want.
i think i've made a mistake on the design of the blade, it's too complicated. i rather redo the whole blade with a shape more like a triangle, kind of a scandi-grind blade if you see what i mean.
the inspiration for this project came from this design : Customizable crossguard lightsaber, from The Force Awakens by LeFabShop - Thingiverse

i hope i'll have the abilities to finish it ^^