Bondo Dust. Am I in danger?


New Hunter
I used some bondo to fill in some holes in a wood board and sanded it for like 10-20 min inside my house. I'm new to this stuff so I wasn't using a mask when I was sanding the bondo, but just found out that bondo dust can be a bit dangerous. I was pretty much just sitting there with the board on my legs and sanding it. I vacuum the area, took a bath, and changed clothes. Am I in danger? How do I clean the bondo dust out of my clothes, do I just put it in the washer and dryer? Can I just wipe the wood board down with water to clean off the bondo dust?
it's not the best stuff in the world to breathe in, so wear a mask when sanding and try to do it in a well ventilated area. but if you go through the clean-up process you mentioned you should be fine.
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