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Hi Dented helmet, been awhile since I was on here with my Fett costume build...anyhow, been working on the ship itself in 1/6 scale and thought I should stick it on here as well as the RPF. Here's the most recent post so still some ways to go.
Here's the RPF thread if ya wanna see the rest of the build; SLAVE 1. 1/6 SCALE BUILD

So, tinkering away as usual...reckon it's well on the way now. The size and mass of this thing feels like working on a truck. 'My other car is a Slave 1' :cool:
Added the ramp

and finished filling/sanding/scribing and painting the front skirt

The wings are all built so next up is fitting...should be fun

Oh man ! This is truly fantastic work. Just the shear portions alone! Keep posting your progress, would love to see this complete.
Cheers guys...Thought I'd post a quick update as I have fitted the wings! Non-trivial, to say the least. Plenty more to do to get all the greeblies in the wells etc but it feels like another hurdle has been crossed. It would be nice to permanently attach them but there's no way she would fit into a haulage truck if I adding to the already significant weight. I will have to make the wings and greeblies more modular so they can be removed and fitted in reverse order...I'll figure it out


OK, so a little update for an awful lot of fiddly work...the Wing Wells. Easily the most awkward and frustrating part of the build to get right. As far as I can discern there are 7 different elements per well. One, I have only just discovered so am still modelling and printing it, as we speak. Nearly there though


Umm, wow. How in the world areyou making this?! Fiberglass? 3d printed? Sorcery? Holy cow! Do you plan on taking it to cons?
It's mostly 3D printed for the engine and wing parts. The skirt and the wing wells are fibreglass and the fuselage is bendy ply...and a bit of elbow grease. It will be displayed in a Star Wars museum in Germany. outpost one
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