Ponte and rnbuda's SE/ESB Paint-up: May 1 UPDATE *Main Helmet Done!*


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Looking amazing Rick......

So do you think the base green is overall darker as you intended?

It looks spot on to the photos from CIV, but lighter than the pics Art took when they did the casting.
I think a lot has to do with photography/flash/camera settings for sure, and when I get the caps done I was going to do a few different photos in various lighting conditions. These photos were taken in my basement next to an open door, with flash on.

If you compare these two shots of Gino with the real deal vs mine, they compare VERY well next to each other:
Gino Fett.jpg 11149776_10152744291265025_4006947694525183775_o.jpg

BUT.....let's take this photo of it by itself, under different lighting conditions:

Art Helmet.png

VERY different colors.

To be honest, I feel the photo with Gino in it is one of the more accurate representations of what the helmet should look like in person, because all the other colors in that room are pretty non-saturated and aren't soaked in flash. I've seen Gino AND his black t-shirt in person, and he's a dead ringer :D


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That's what I was thinking, lighting plays a big part, does strange things indeed.....

I have to say, the more I see this, the more I think about doing an ESB:SE version...... after I get a few others done...

Those colors...... really really nice.

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This is outstanding Rick! i absolutely LOVE it!

..and your right, Gino and his black shirt are a dead ringer in that photo! LOL


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Looks like this helmet was dropped from the international space station into the Amazon rainforest, then dragged behind a truck for a hundred miles, then chewed on by a grizzly bear.
In other words, perfect!

I like to use a white pencil too in order to get some of that faded, oxidized look that you see in some places.


I tells ya, it's like the blue/black vs white/gold dress debate! :lol:

We can certainly all agree that pictures and lighting 'color' what we see. No pun intended.

The one conclusion I am taking from this very inspirational and informative thread is that there isn't really an out-of-the-bottle color you can count on to get the helmet to look 'right' (although asking 'which paint?' questions certainly gets you in the ballpark). Weathering plays a far more significant role in the look of the helmet than I initially gave it credit for.


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Didn't see it mentioned in previous posts (might have missed it) but we really
need this added to the "consolidated paint up threads." Dom? Scott? Anyone?


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I didn't see the numbers in this thread, but what Humbrol colors did you use for the green? I understand you mixed it (78) with light gray and blue. Just hoping you have the numbers somewhere!
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I didn't see the numbers in this thread, but what Humbrol colors did you use for the green? I understand you mixed it (78) with light gray and blue. Just hoping you have the numbers somewhere!
I used "Humbrol 78" as the base green before mixing in the hues of blue/gray.


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Any specific numbers of those? Or just ones that fit the hues?
Believe it or not, I think I dipped in some enamel "Ghost Gray" and small hints of "Light Blue" from the Model Master/Floquil series. Honestly, any light gray and blue will do the trick, just do them in drops until you feel they look "right".


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This is the most awsome helmet I have ever not seen in person. And if I ever see it in person, it will be the most awsome helmet I have seen ever! (unless I see the real thing )


You're going to have to pry my helmet once Rick's done with it from my cold, dead hands.
I can arrange that.[emoji23] you guys did an absolutely fantastic job on it, can wait to see more helmets painted like this really fun discussion too. Glad I helped out a little! One of my favorite things about this helmet is despite it being far from a perfect cast they still used it. I guess it's just one of those things that adds authenticity to the star wars universe.


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Rick should be done with my helmet in June! Been awhile looking forward to finishing this project up!