Order ESB Paints Online! :)


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I've been contacted by a few people wanting me to get some ESB accurate paints! As much as I'd love to ship them to everyone, I just don't think I want to keep doing it for alot of people! ;)

So here's a list of links I've found for you all (I believe these are the ones I used, Ill have to check at home later):

Testors Panzer Olive Grun 1943

Floquil Tuscan

Hope that helps! And if you guys still can't order these, lemme know and I'll buy you some :D

Thanks for the link Bobo. You da man! :D


Is there much of a difference between the Model Master Panzer Olivgrun 1943



And the Floquil Polly Scale Panzer Olive Green



i think there is a very subtle difference, i myself have bought both colors. but i think that the floquil was used for the real helm. i very well could be wrongo tho!
*edit* er, i used the panzer olive grun 1943 on my helm. im so confused.
Floquil was used on the orig. However both polly S and Testors are owned jointly and they grabbed up the floquil color chart so in essence it's the same color the testors might be slightly darker.

I could not oreder the paints through the Testors site, they dont ship outside the 48 Continental States. :(

Dose anyone know of a good online store where I can get them besides the Testor's site??
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