SupRsloth's ESB Fett Build


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Received my jetpack today from ManOwar. I haven't been able to find any stencils for the jetpack like Raf had for the armor. Does anyone know where I can find any stencils for the jetpack?

As far as I know they don't exist--what most people do is look at the reference photos available and either eyeball it or try to make their own stencils from what's available. Eyeballing will take some confidence but maybe you can practice on some scrap before you go to town on the pack itself.


Started making some progress on my Man O War jetpack.

Found a threaded stud that I used to attach the rocket launcher base to the main pack.

Super glued in some rare earth magnets that I had from my TK assembly to attach the rocket utilizing Zip Kicker and Zap A Gap. I super glued a large washer to the rocket. Seems to hold really well.

Did a bit of assembly and filled in a bunch of the holes to try to smooth out the surface. Lots of air bubbles and imperfections.

Did a coat of primer on all of the parts.

And finally did the base coat of green.


Will hopefully get a start on the rest of the jetpack painting this weekend.


Any update on the jetpack? Coming along very well!
Haven't made as much progress as I would have liked. Too many other things going on right now. Have silver added, painted the keys, and started doing a bit of sanding with some steal wool. After I do a bit more sanding I'll add some clear coat and get onto the next colors. Need to add the damage and sand a lot on the thrusters as well. Still need to add the dark grey damage, yellow in a few places, the black stripe, and overall weathering with the rust color and probably some black.



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Looking good though! Did you use the same brown on the bottom of the thrusters as you used around the collar of the rocket?


Looking good though! Did you use the same brown on the bottom of the thrusters as you used around the collar of the rocket?
Thanks for the kind words! I did use the same color on the neck and bottom of the thrusters. It's a primarily humbrol 20 (wine color I think) and just a bit of humbrol 33 (black).


Got through the rest of the painting on the jetpack this weekend. Overall I'm pretty happy with it. Still waiting on the hooks and jetpack harness to arrive to finally be complete with the pack. Hopefully everything will arrive soon. Oh and it's snowing out in mid October. That does not make me happy.



Finally got back to trying to finish this build out. I was hoping to finish up all of the sewing work today but that didn't happen.

Things I was able to accomplish today:
- Finished the strapping for the girth belt
- Added snaps to the pouches to attach to the ammo belt. Didn't have enough female snaps to finish attaching them to the ammo belt....
- Almost finished the black strapping on jet pack harness - I need to redo the bottom of the shoulder straps as they aren't long enough but my kit didn't come with enough strapping so I have some on order. Also didn't have enough strapping to finish the waist belt. Will work on the white straps for the jetpack tomorrow hopefully and also cut the slots in my flack vest.

All around frustrating day since I wasn't able to completely finish anything besides the girth belt, but felt good to finally have a bit of time to get back to it.