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By the way, what the heck are Crush-gauntlets? I assume they crush things?

In the EU, Crushgauntlets are Mandalorian designed powered gloves attached to the normal wrist gauntlets, they increase a mando'ade's grip strengthening it to crush metal, bone, almost anything he may get his hands on.

they're pretty much outlawed, even by Mandalorians simply because of how dangerous they were. rumor has it Vader's gloves were modified Crushgauntlets, but it's more likely that they were just his own robotic limbs...

listen to me, the walking star wars encyclopedia... :D

and from what i'm seeing from most online stores, Icon has changed the look of their Timax gloves slightly, they look more sleek and manufactured and a little less cool if you were to ask me. so look for an older pair.
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The Right shoulder piece is a bit odd, you may want to consider it connected only to the neck piece, like the clone commanders

Shoulder gaurd edit.JPG


I mean attaching them be snaps on the neck piece and back piece
-ps, i suck in ms paint so these are hand drawn, hence the roughness

Pauldron Attachment 1 jpg.JPG

Pauldron Attachment 2jpg.JPG

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guys, It's a custom! He can do whatever he wants! So what if it's a little weird, that's good! That's just what we need around here, a little more creativity. And by that I mean, I want to see some more creativity that I know you guys have!
My "creative criticism"...

As a sportbike rider I have the Ti-Max gloves as my heavy cold weather gloves...

And while they are awesome cool pieces of appearance...
They are PSYCHOTICALLY uncomfortable until they are WELL broken in. I've had mine 2 seasons and they are STILL uncomfortable to wear for extended periods. They're bulky, heavy, tight, and honestly - difficult to have good tactile response.

Also - they run small. So if you wear a large glove to start - expect to have to but an XL or prepare for discomfort even moreso as you break in the large.

As for using motorcycle stuff for your custom... I say go for it.

In my recent weight loss extravaganza - I'm planning on using some of my old gear I wore exclusively at the track (all black riding pants and jacket that zip together that are just SLIGHTLY too big now but can still be sinched to fit) to attach my armor too. It'll look very rugged. Very "battle undergarment" in feel, look, and rigid nature) and is sort of pre-armored in certain spots (shoulders, forearms, thighs, knees, etc to add that extra "masculine bulk" that sometimes a good mando needs for intimidation factor. Definately a divergence from the default flight suit look.

Heck - go down and check out some of the Alpinestars and SIDI racing boots. You want some futuristic looking stuff that is practically costume worthy footwear... that's it.

Not a ICON fan by any means when it comes to first choice of gear when I'm on the bike --- but when it comes to "cool" / "bling" factor... they make some nice looking stuff.


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I like the armor design. My sister and her husband each have a set of those gloves, although there's are blue and gold, we've nick named them the "transformer" gloves. I look forward to seeing your finished gear.


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Armor design is nice. Like the layered look for the abs. Have to agree with some on the shoulder tho. Looks as if made as one part with the chest arm movement will be limted or slightly uncomfortable. Think it might do better to layer it some how to have better freedom of movement. But as others have said it's yours and can do it as it suits the look you want. On the whole that's just gonna look mean.
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