Hydra's Post Imperial Custom Build


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Started this custom as a way to get out of a creative funk. Still like to share this kind of stuff on forums, far prefer this format for builds than Facebook groups or other forms of social media, anyways, plan to wrap up this build very shortly. All elements are in some level of progress.
I'll update this thread in the next couple of weeks. Hope to debut her at Dragon Con along side a custom for my husband.


Her concept art was drawn in Procreate (iPad), aiming for a monochrome pallet. You cannot see her kidney plate or tasset plate on the opposing side of the drawing. Colors may deviate a little from this concept as this build is moving quick so fabric/paint sourcing will be a best effort situation.


The flightsuit top pattern was blocked out by referencing the Kwik Sew pattern #4032 in a cotton/elastic medium weight suiting. The vest is inspired by Bo Katan's in both pattern/cut and used stretch pleather/vinyl fabric. The waist belt is in progress.


Sleeve cuff details


This is a balaclava I previously constructed, my plan is to sew and integrate a fabric mask into this piece to stay compliant with Covid-19 precautions.


Helmet progress! 3D model by my husband and I, printed and coated in urethane primer. Since this photo was snapped, we have attached the ear caps and rear vents on the helmet.

All armor pieces are in stages of being printed or primed, soft parts are in various stages of construction.
Everything is cruising along. Finishing up basic soft part elements such as the flightsuit, gloves, vest, etc.


Material is calfskin, got extremely lucky with this material color.


Helmet is almost ready for paint! Extremely happy how the design came out.

Starting priming and painting activities tomorrow.
Things are moving quickly for what I assume will be the first version of this kit.


Pile of armor! This batch has the 3rd layer of paint applied with liquid latex for damage/weathering.


Lots of picking latex and wet sanding to do before the next layer of paint.


Patterned out a Din style pouch and extended it to fit my massive phone. Not my best work here, but working fast, this will do for now!
Completed the initial version of the costume for Dragon Con.



I ended up adding a booty cape to balance out the width of the shoulder armor.

I would say I am 99% satisfied with the state of this kit. Overall airbrushing and the tail end of painting the armor was a bit rushed, so that all will get touched up here in the near future. In addition I'll be putting together a sidearm holster and perhaps I'll add a jetpack. Thanks for following along!
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