Mando'a Question - Infinity Gauntlet


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i figure i'll just ask before Life gets More Complicated - Again...
I made a Mando-built version of the Victory-class Star Destroyer for my 15 BBY campaign (D6 SWRPG), but had no idea what to name it. Then a captioned pic of MCU's Thanos in my SW folder gave me the idea for a Sith Pureblood Mando'jetii to be the ship's Captain. So i checked my top Mando'a databases & the one here, not finding "Infinity" or "Gauntlet". The closest i've been able to make is 'Darasuum Shuk'orok', 'eternal crushgaunt'.
I'm hoping one or both words might have been tackled & given Mando'a terms, or if there are other good suggestions to be had.
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