1. miamifett

    Need help identifying mystery helmet.

    Hi everyone, Forgive me ignorance but my searches came up with multiple results so I thought I’d ask you guys for confirmation. I have this cast I purchased (do not have in hand yet) and has the maker signature and logo inside , can anyone confirm to me who made this ? Thanks so much. Sam
  2. Badjudget

    Coating for my Helmet?

    Do you have any recommendations or suggestions for this? I'm looking for a clear coating to seal my helmet, I'm asking if what kind of clear coating or any type of tool that I can use to seal and hide the lines on my helmet. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
  3. John Haythem

    What Does BKBT Stand for ?

    What Does BKBT Stand for and why can I find any of them ?
  4. DP54

    Question: Full Metal Armor

    I’m trying to find someone or somewhere to CNC mill me an entire set of boba armor, any recommendations or price quotes?