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Hello All,I am hoping I can get some ideas. I am currently building ( attempting to build a Mando for my son who is 10.5 . I have already got the ABS and I have used some Boba Fett templates as is, and as inspiration to make custome armor set .
I am having trouble with coming up with how to mount it to the under suit, I was thinking of gluing it directly to the clothing.
But also I can't come up with what to use as a under suit. I have read a lot of threats on here but trying to avoid reading several hundreds more , I am hoping some one can lead me in the right direction .tell me what you have used for kid under suit pictures welcome.

I am also just going to use a rubies Jango Fett helmet and paint it to match the color scheme my son wants. because people want 175$ for a plain helmet kit, doing this on a budget for a 10 year old is hard.

thanks for any input , and if this is not the right place for this I apologize, and will gladly move it if asked



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Scott I mean this with the up most respect......but spending the time to read all those threads and seeing/hearing each builders trial n errors is part of the boba fett process/journey. Go to the STICKY on the boba fett costume forum and spend some quality time learning from other members Wips. Velcro is your best bet, either sew it or glue it to the suit then attach other half of Velcro to armor. A small flight suit or jump suit is a good start for under suit.


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Search around, I know there was a thread back awhile ago where someone made a fairly decent costume for their kid from foam and other home materials under a fairly serious budget.


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thanks for the input ,, I have read several threads , not finding anything that I needed . I appreciate the helpful advice, less time reading more time doing...
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I got a kids size jumpsuit off ebay. I think they called it a mechanic jumpsuit or greaser jumpsuit. If you look up pre vizsla in this section there are pics of my son in his suit. I think he was about 9 at the time. I sewed the Velcro to the suit and glued it to the armor. Good luck with your build.


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To mount armor you will usually use:


Glue will probably never be recommended. Also you say attaching it to the under suit........I am not sure what that means. The armor will normally be attached to some type of a flak vest. The only armor that ever really attaches to the flight suit is shin armor.