officialy started my custom


Everything is very preliminary at this point, but I would still love to hear your opinions. (good or bad. As long as it's creative criticism. :) ) Lots and lots of work left to do. But I thought at least someone might be interested in what I have so far. Basically all I have at this point is a modified sketch using WOL's templates and an early poster board mock-up I'm making first to later use as a template for the final armor.





Then today, on another message board, I came across these gloves that I'm going to get for the outfit.

And in the process of searching for a place to buy the gloves I came across this jacket from the same manufacturer that I'm thinking about using for the top half of the flightsuit.

This looks like it will be definately interesting. I kind of agree with arctroopmega5, the shoulder does look like it may be in the way...maybe instead of getting rid of it completely you might cut it down in the front a bit.

Can't wait to see some progress on this once you start. What do the gloves and jacket run?
UNLESS, maybe you have it solid so you can brace, say, a large bazooka-ish rocket launcher of some type?

That was my thought after looking at this. I was thinking that it needs an extra layer of padding of some sort. Although if you had to use a rocket launcher or heavy weapon if it is to powerful wouldn't it break the armor off? This slight change in chest pattern show that you are no ordinary mando so some extra armor attachments and/or special weapon is to be expected. I look forward to your future progress.
Perhaps, if the right shoulder does interfere with your movement, you could cut it off and and make a different, separate shoulder armour piece and attach it to the side of your arm, like shocktroopers, kind of.
yea the sholder may cause you not able to move your arm very much, and the collar peice does thhat choke you? Awsome idea, lookin really good

for the shoulder you could make a hinge system? like people do to put on the gauntlets, have a hinge at the top of the flap in front so when you do move your arm it can move with you
Thanks for the comments everyone.

As far as the shoulder goes. From what I've put together so far it doesn't seen to interfere with movement too much. If I do find it hinders my arm when I get done with the mocking up I can modify it at that point.

UNLESS, maybe you have it solid so you can brace, say, a large bazooka-ish rocket launcher of some type?

You hit the nail on the head

What do the gloves and jacket run?

I've seen the gloves listed for $150 and the jacket for $320. However I have also found them listed on ebay for much less.
Looks like the jacket and gloves are made for Motocross or something like that, no? The gloves kinda look like Mandalorian Crush-Gauntlets, it'd seem fitting as aggressive as the gloves look already-but I'd put a couple of well placed spikes along the knuckles somehow. Just a thought... You've certainly gotten a good start, and I'm sad to say that your Mando is far more original and creative than mine! I can't wait to see the finished product.

The gloves and jacket are designed for street bikes. The idea is that the titanium plated are strategically placed so that if you wreck the plates grind away as your sliding down the road instead of you.
The gloves and jacket are both made by Icon. Specifically the Timax line.

By the way, what the heck are Crush-gauntlets? I assume they crush things?
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