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I had Eric Wight - the artist who designed Buffy the animated series, batman beyond, etc - draw me up his version of Zam :) http://www.ericwight.com

I actually payed him to do it on March 27, 2003 - so ALMOST a year later - he actually sent it :) I thought he had totally forgotten - but I guess not :)


edit... i have officially decided this will be my next tattoo... i've been waiting on a worthy image... and this is it :D
Now, THAT is awesome. I would get a t-shirt on that one anyday. There is just something about that type artwork that appeals to me more than others.
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That IS really awesome! :D Congrats on the new artwork!

Do you think you might make a t-shirt run with that design on it? :D
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Holy smokes, ZamIam is right. That would be great for a t-shirt. Since you commissioned the art, whouldn't you be allowed to do that(legally)?
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i think legally i "own" it.... well, LFL OWNS it - but you know what i mean ;)

but i think I'll skip on doing shirts... since DSD's Zam shirt didn't go over so hot :facepalm (not enough of us Clawdites).... but maybe I'll use the image for something in the future (besides my tattoo)
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What about a vinyl sticker for the back window of our speeder? ;)
Or is it too detailed?

It does look awesome BTW!
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I've never been on this side of the fence before, but I thought I'd share this with you guys. This was a sketch my girlfriend did the other night while we were talking on the phone and just shows a tiny glimpse of her talent. I'm slowly but surely turning her into a Star Wars fan or geek . . .whatever:D
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That's fantastic - I love it! Your girlfriend is really talented! :D :D

Keep working on her... she'll turn into a SW geek yet! ;) :D
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That's awesome.
Is she going to school for art or doing something with it?
Well, tell her there are some uber zam geeks here who approve :D

My wife quit art school....been trying to get her to draw a Zam for me ;)
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Thanks for all the comments, I'm really proud of her and I know she can do great things with her talent. Amber just graduated from the Academy of Arts in S.F. and she majored in animation, but she wants to illustrate for children's books.

She's actually "volunteered" to do another SW related thing for me. . . no not dress up as Leia in her slave outfit:love:love. . .hmmm gold bikini. . .where was I?. . .oh, yeah, I'm having her sculpt something for me;). I'll share with the group when she's done:D She likes Zam and she might do another Zam related project soon.

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I bow down to her awesome talent!! (I have the hardest time drawing people) :facepalm

That drawing is lovely. :love
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