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I did try to contact Vibram and they said that these sole aren't for retail purchase and are only sold in contract. They only have a few select soles for retail purchase under repair soles. The Gladstone PT05 boots also have Vibram stamped in the side but it is black, not yellow. Other than that it is the same sole, a lot easier to get than the PT05, and probably less expensive.


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I'm curious as to what boots are out as well, I'm still probably a month or two from getting boots, but it already looks like this will be one of the toughest pieces to get so I might as well start looking now


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Timbo's boots are Gladstones UK exclusive with an extension mod

I saw a black pair of these at the surplus store today

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the model number of the boot's is PT05 Police Tactical
Mandalorian Guard have order this boot's for me, and i make a lot of modification's


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the same sole on the PT05 boots are available from Danner here in the USA. I believe the leather is brown though and would have to be died black.

I've seen them as low as $140.


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There are currently a few pairs of Bedford Stu's available on ebay. I just picked up a pair and am excited to work with them.
I can't even find one, although I searched for Bedford Stu, Bed Stu and Bedford.

But I doubt that there would have been a pair in size 12 nayway...

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Any updates to post here on alternative boots? I have been searching high and low for the ones listed here and have come up empty handed. Any information would be much appreciated.