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Official Thread - Jango's Boots

Ok, Lets get the boot discussion back on track. I think we have identified what boots were actually used in the film. There are a few alternatives that will work if you can find them. Here is the run down.

Film Accurate: Kenneth Cole - Pit Crew - No longer available



Bedford Stu - Correct Sole on Various Models - No longer available


No Boundaries - Available at some Wal-Marts - Pictured below
Thanks Mirax, I borrowed your Pic

So, nobody found any online mega discount shoe place selling KC's or Bedford Stu's yet?

Bummer. Didn't think so...

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Here is a pic I stole off another board of the Wal-Mart shoes with Silver highlights.

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I would like to make a comment which might help you guys.
I live in NEWARK N.J. so i'm very close to N.Y. CITY ,there
is a place called the village in N.Y. and there are lots of
stores including a few punk rock shops with a huge variety of
these type of style boots.If any of yous have a friend out here or would travel out this way this might be a good place
to find these boots.Whenever i get chance i'll take a look myself and let you guys know.
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Here are the Pit Crew Pics i have:




If this boot maker does come through i would also want a pair of 11.5

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Fetts Bounty has some Bed: Stu Modules. Hes taking pics of the soles right now, and is goin to post them!!! :cheers
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I don't know if anyone else noticed, but since both Kenneth Cole and Bedford Stu use the same sole, isn't it probable that they both order from another party that only make soles? We need to find out who makes the soles KC and BS order.
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Hey folks. Just to let you know, Nordstroms still has some Kenneth Cole Mount Kilimanjaro boots left. I ordered a pair in black size 11.5. I know they are sold out on some sizes but if you know a good shoe guy that can change the polish on them well, they do have a few sizes in brown. The link for Nordstroms on this forum works but does not update itself. Might want to try manually typing it in. I went under men shoes then typed in boots to find them. There are a few other potentials as well that might work. A pair labeled slick style, kenneth cole Diamond in the Rough, and Kenneth Cole Mount Fuji. Hope this helps anyone out there.
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For what its worth, if you can't find the No Boundaries, an alternative can be seen at, although it is more expensive. Just look for style 14404 (Extreme Casuals). Retail price is $55.00. I saw some in stock at Champs Sporting Goods, Windward Mall, Kaneohe, HI.

Aloha, Gregg
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Smooth toe is nice, but the sole is way off. The sole is what makes all of the difference in the Jango boot, I'm afraid you wouldn't have alot of luck selling or auctioning those, at least to Jango outfitters.
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These are a good substitute....if you want to spend $110.00 :facepalm

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Hey Guys,
I just wanted to let everyone know that I was in a local mall of mine and I was in the Macy's department store (mens shoes) and I accutally found a pair of the Kenneth Cole Kilimangaro boots on clearance for $46.00. There the brown pair but after spending only $10.00 there now black. So I just thought I would let everyone know in case some of you never thought to look there.

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Well 2 weeks after I placed an order with Nordstroms for Kenneth Cole Mount lilimanjaro boots, they replied and said they are no longer available. Well they never updated their site. Annoying buggers. I ordered 2 pairs of boots from them then. A pair called slick style from and a Kenneth Cole Diamond in the rough. They both are flat toed and they arrived today. Between the 2 I am going with the slick style for my Jango Boots. I will post pics of them tomorrow on my site and leave a link here. Take care all.
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Those look pretty good. I can't find the old style like everyone else. How much are those Slick Style Kenneth Coles anyway? They have a pretty crappy website if ya ask me. All I found was a contact number. Is that what you did?

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Well for some reason I cannot put the pics on my site. Getting an error. If anyone wants pics of these boots, I can send you a front and side shot of each. To answer question about the prices, the slicks were around $90 and the Kenneth Cole's were $125. I got them through Nordstroms but you can also order the slicks from main site . Here is a link to my site. It has some pics from conventions and modifications on it. Also some pics from premiere weekend.
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I dont know how much help this will be. There is a store in New Orleans called "Gargoyles". We found boots that looked like Maul's there so it may be worth checking their website for Jango's. The store tends to be very pricey but they occasionally have some good sales. Try hope this helps.
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