*Official* Mug Shot '05 thread!


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I see this has been dead for a while,time to bring it back, And since this is my last pic ive taken and by far the coolest one ive taken.... April 2003, Baghdad.. Im the ugly skiny guy with the gun in case you didnt know. Wish I had a little more tone down pic.

Any one has a problem with it ill take it off, no stress

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Well since the thread was bumped, I might as well post my latest photography class project.
Not bad for a 2 minute photoshop job. Excuse the really crappy camera and jumpsuit ;)

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Well.. here is quite a recent pic of me... enjoy.

The bucket is a DP 95 delux recast.. don't mind the poor paint-job. I just bought the darn thing.
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Well being as it is now 2005 and considering the old thread was started in 2003 and has a number of dead links, I think it is time for a new one!!! I am going to add in threads from the old one that were just recently posted this year but everyone else, feel free to post new pics of yourself :D
Are we still limited by size in the new forum?

Since I'm not sure I'll link to this gem from New Years Eve.


I sure do take funny pics.
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Good to see this thread brought back to life.. The most recent pic I have of me is from Halloween with some of my friends. I'm the one wearing the Patriots Jersey. Yes, I know I am not wearing a costume. Shame on me. Maybe next year (If I can finish my Fett).

Here I am with a set of SST armor that I have since sold (because I don't do open-faced costumes) but kinda wish I hadn't because it is very very cool stuff. Well, at least I have this pic. :)

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