The Official Daniel Logan Project!! (Dressing Young Boba)

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2017May19 - I've been notified by Arkady that the flight suit will be done the first week of June. We will be setting up a test fitting for Daniel during the middle of June.

2017Apr30 - We still need boots and a harness, most of everything will be acquired and we should be looking good. I've updated the list obviously and as we add things that are more accurate I will edit accordingly.

2017Apr27 - I've gotten overwhelming response from a lot of people here on the forum who want to contribute in some shape or form and I just want everyone to know that you guys make me proud to be part of this community!


It all started at Celebration Orlando, where a bunch of us Dented Helmet guys were going to have a couple drinks as a way of ending the 4 day Celebration. During this last night, we had the opportunity to meet Sam Witwer, Ray Park, Temuera Morrison, and Daniel Logan. Billy Dee and son were also there. It was incredible, it felt like we were at a Star Wars cantina. I still can't believe they were all there just wanting to hang out. All in all, it was an amazing way to close Celebration 8.

Anyways, I was talking to a bunch of the guys about the photograph I took with my family, with all 3 Fetts (Bulloch, Morrison, Logan) and noted that the helmet he had was, to me, sub-par. I kept saying that I really wanted Daniel to have a helmet that was better than the one he had. I mean the guy brings it everywhere, representing Boba Fett. He really is proud to have been given the role in Episode II and also the Clone Wars TV series. As I was walking to the bathroom, I saw Daniel and Temuera sitting and having a chat with some fans. I thought to myself, that this was the chance to present him the opportunity to maybe give him a "proper" helmet. When I approached him, he was definitely interested in a helmet and was delighted to find out that all of us were from the Dented Helmet and that we specialized (passionately) in all things Fett. At this point, Nick and I presented the opportunity to offer him a costume that he could wear. He was definitely interested and had said that he had always wanted a costume of his own.

I had started speaking to a lot of the TDH C8 crew, and a lot of members have already provided some of their services (listed below) I opened it up to lot of the makers that were at C8, because they were easy to get in touch with. But that does not mean we are done. There is still a lot to be done and everything is not set in stone. The project has only begun and this thread will serve as the primary means to see the progress, what other parts we need, who will help in building it, and everything involved after the costume is done and ready to be presented to the community and to the public.


First and foremost, I would like to thank Art Andrews for giving us the opportunity as a community to start this project. And I would also like to thank Scott Kauffman for putting up with my ridiculous questions at ridiculous hours. As it stands, it means that as a family (yes, I said family), we can all be given the opportunity to be involved, whether it be parts that will contribute to the costume, ideas as to how we can help put the costume together, or scheduling how we can present the costume once, it is finished (just like the Jeremy Bulloch costume). That can be as late as C9 (at the TDH booth ?????).


As always, I want to be first to let everyone know that as "THE" Boba Fett costuming authority, we should hold everyone to the highest standards whenever possible and the highest quality parts. Actual parts, when we can get them, and accurate copies when they are not available. With this daunting task at hand for all involved, I would like to set a goal of finishing the costume in a year. Presentation and post-completion aspects could be done afterwards.

- Daniel Logan would like an Empire Strikes Back costume.


GMH Helmet - @Skyfire
Paint-up - @superjedi
MQ-1 Calculator - @Rodabary
Helmet Electronics - @Jc27
Helmet electronics install - @jbdubz
Helmet fans - @eqdizzle
RF topper - terminal fettler

Armor - @Wasted Fett
Armor Painting - @Fett 4 Real
Chest Electronics - @hvacdon

Gauntlet Painting - @jbdubz
Gauntlets – @Wasted Fett
Gauntlet Hose - @bcurtis
Gauntlet darts - @MachineCraft
Gauntlet rocket - @MachineCraft
Collar / Cod studs - @hvacdon

Knee Darts - @MachineCraft

Jetpack – @Wasted Fett
Jetpack hardware - @full metal fett
Painting - @jbdubz
Metal Jetpack Greeblies – Beacon - @Dark Side
Stabilizer - @Dark Side
Thruster side greeblies - @DeathProof
Thruster front greeblie - @Dark Side
Thruster discs - @Dark Side
Dental Files - @01Hawk
Jeptpack buckle - @Viper
Jetpack Harness - @Bigdane

Flightsuit, vest, neckseal, pouches - @Arkady
Flightsuit Weathering - @Raizo

Gloves - Major and Mike M.
Girth belt - @woodman
Ammo Belt - @woodman
Wookie Braids - @woodman
Cape - @woodman

Shin tools - @Tzhan

Boots – Fandango Fett
Boot Paint Up - @rnbuda
Boot Spikes - @MachineCraft

Sidearm - @Stormrider @jbdubz
Sidearm holster - @Stormrider/ @jbdubz
EE-3 - @Stormrider/ @jbdubz
EE-3 Plecter Labs BlasterCore Electronics- @bcurtis @erv

Mannequin - Jaycepticon
Dinner planning - First quarter 2017?
Possible Contributor Merchandise Goodies - @Fett 4 Real @Scott Kaufmann @Tzhan
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i wonder if he still has the pair of gloves i gave him in salt lake city a couple years ago. or what happened with the pair i made up for the mercs when they were doing a project similar to this.

Wasted Fett

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yeah, the duep!

Got it! let me know what step sequence we need on it. Personally, I like Rafal's sequence.....

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Do we have Mercs contact info? I will as Daniel tomorrow if he still has them. That would work; I love your gloves! so comfy and the fit is awesome!

i wonder if he still has the pair of gloves i gave him in salt lake city a couple years ago. or what happened with the pair i made up for the mercs when they were doing a project similar to this.


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I actually have metal boba-style knee darts. I do have gauntlet darts as well, but they're currently attached to my GF's jango gauntlets. I have the proper jango ones now that I was planning to swap out anyways...just lmk