7CS (Darth Voorhees) UPDATE THREAD 2021

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Hey folks, new year, new update thread!

Classic Jetpack kits
All of the severely backlogged kits have been shipped. So now im only about a month or 2 out. Orders can be taken for these with a current wait of about 10-12 weeks.

Rising Phoenix/Din D'jarin Jetpack kits
These have been revamped as the first version was too big, so it is now what i think is the correct, or close to the correct size. Since i started the revamp i have gotten a resin 3D printer and learned how to model basic stuff, so this pack has a lot of 3D modeled details on it so it will be a VERY clean kit. Im hoping to have it in rubber by the end of the month is not sooner. They should start shipping throughout February. You can still order these whenever. I will not be doing a "run"

Bo Katan Jetpack kit (the Mandalorian).
This is currently in the works and im hoping to have these start shipping this summer.

Deathwatch Jetpack kit
Planned for Fall 2021

Bo Katan Helmet kit (the Mandalorian
Hoping to have this ready and starting to ship soon after the Bo Katan Jetpacks

The Armourer Helmet Kit
Hoping to have these ready by Summer

ESB Fett Helmet kits
These will have some revamped detail parts soon, but can always be ordered. Right now wait is about 8 weeks.

Biker Scout Helmet kits
These are currently available in small batches. I should have 5 ready to go in a couple of weeks. These are Vac Formed and assemble like the screen used.


Summer 2020 complete jetpacks

The weather is making this process slower now that i dont have a proper shop at the moment, but progress is happening.

the first 2 packs on the list the main bodies are just about done and i'll be moving onto the rocket, thrusters, and caps/piano keys on Monday. So lord willing the weather holds out to be nice enough these 2 should be done by the end of next week or early the following week.

Most of the rest are ESB which takes me less time since i dont have to mask off sections for different colors. So im guessing these will all be done before the end of February.

1 - Wookie - ROTJ SE - cast-assembled-prepping-Paint almost complete
2 - Minafett - ROTJ - cast-assembled-prepping--Paint almost complete
3 - CHIPS - ESB - Cast
4 - Malc - ESB - Cast
5- Shteymetal247 - ROTJ
6 - Soa - ESB
7 - Bobafett007 - ESB
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Woke up to lots 'o snow. Wont be able to get into the shop today, and looks like tomorrow. So there will be some delays until the windy snowy weather subsides. Should be wed/Thursday

All thats left on the first 2 jetpacks from the "summer 2020 run" is the rocket and weathering. So should be shipping next week. the plan was this week but the snow is now causing delays.

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We have had a horrible past few weeks between the cold and the snow. It is once again snowing with a 6-8" possible accumulation. BUT...looks like next week is gonna be in the 40's so i should be able to get back to some sort of normal workschedule!

Also, my etsy shop now has the new rocket and thruster parts downloadable to print. I just dont have time to be doing the little odds n ends so this was the best way i could think to still offer these to you if you need or want them since SO many people have printers these days....or knows someone who does.