Official ESB Boba Fett Blaster Thread

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Thanks a lot! It has been a fun little project. Over the years, I have met a lot of neat people that can make parts easily (and precisely), which I could make, but they would probably look crummy.

Those greeblie, "molex" pieces, and scope mount pieces will be made of laser cut acrylic. I just have to get the butt-stock to measure the slot, then I will remove the pistol grip side piece, trace it onto paper, scan it, then draw the in-between "D" shape and mounting bar.

The cool thing is the acrylic Butt stock brace will be a bit more stable than a resin one.

Lastly, it will be a very close rendition, for a relatively low cost, and I won't be emberrassed by it... if I ever get a Fett suit going again. I have a helmet, I just need the other 100 things to make the whole suit! HAHAHA!!!!

Thanks for the compliments!


Looks good WC! Nice work. (y)
OH! Lastly, if I decided to make a batch of say 5-10 of these, would people be interested? It is the greeblies, and getting the scope set-up looking right, that make this gun a bit of a challenge.
I have a friend who has expressed interest in replication. This is a rough idea of what it will look like...


Any suggestions?