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Boba Al said:

Do you still sell the connectors at all???


I don't have any more to sell, but if there is enough demand, I may have some more imported and offer them again. It just depends if it's financially worthwhile - being as a lot of people got them when they needed them.



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Ok, here is some contact info.
Kurt at America II.
Molex Connector - AMP part number1-163035-0 (6 pin)

Kurt should be able to help out. That's where I bought mine from.


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Hi i am new to this forum and was shown the way from the RPB :)

I see that some of you may be offering 6 pin molex type connectors & I wish to show some large interest !

I did pm you steveday about the molex,s too

many thanks



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look closely at the action and grip of the ee-3. i was looking at it with my dad and he seems to think that its a webley top-break revolver with a new barrel bolted in and a .22 scope mounted backwards. maybe this can help someone

Hey guys,

so what the **** is that litle thing with the 2 holes that I could see under the scope at the front between the barrel block and scope block??? You could see it very good at Brak´s Buddy post above the 3rd. litle black and white pic??? I need to know what that is and is it also at the back parts installed?

Greetings Guido

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We all want to know what that part is, along with the exact model of barrel rings:lol: To date the only thing on the scope mount setup that has been positively identified is the set of Molex connectors...two up front, two in back on either side of the scope mount parts that you're asking about. Everyone either scratch builds them or has gotten them from someone else. I scratch built mine out of aluminum.

O.K. I understand and sorry directly for my next question but is there anyone who has some clearer pics of that section??? Maybe I would be able to let make some pieces out of aluminium but I need better pics.

Greetings Guido

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Sorry it's so small, but there really isn't ANY good, high resolution screen reference with regards to ESB.

Hope this helps a bit.....
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Best bet so far is that it's a pipe hanger of some kind - it resembles the ones currently used to hang medium diameter pipes from ceiling or on a wall (leaving a gap behind, to prevent a hot/cold pipe from touching the wall/ceiling surface).



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Being new here and all I have a question regarding the ESB blaster. I plan on making my own but I was wondering what the best way to go about beginning is? I know that the original was made from a Webley & Scott No.1 Mark 1 flare gun but is there any other way to make one? I cant seem to find a replica of the flare gun and the closest I can come to the base is random replica revolvers. What has everyone else used to make there ESB fett blastes. Thanks,


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There's a host of folks making beautiful resin castings of the Webley these days and every once in a while a hyperfirm or HSbronze casting comes up for sale.....heck lately a couple members on here and the RPF have tested the waters on ORIGINAL blued Webleys.......................



Hey all,

I have a question. I have been searching these boards and it seems that on the ESB stock there are two split plugs on one side and one on the other side, both have the circuit board. Now the question, are the greeblies black? I read one post that part of them are orange? Is this true? If so, which orange? Floquil?

Any suggestions would be appreciated, because this is driving me nuts.

Here is my stab at a scratch built EE-3 ESB-styled blaster...

So, I started with a $7.99 cap gun, some 1.5" PVC, a $6.99 Daisy 4X scope, a $5.00 drain pipe, and I ordered a $25.00 (plus $10.00 for shipping) resin Webley buttstock off ebay (and I should have by next week)...

I just need some larger (and more accurate) scope mounting braces, the Molex boxes (I have a schematic for those), the "D" brace, some greebs... and I will have a good looking EE-3 for around $65 once done.

Greeblies (I have a friend with a laser cutter who "should" hopefully generate these for me)...

Only things missing are the "D" brace draw-up, the square plate between the butt stock greeblies, and the piston details above the trigger. Anything I miss after that... well, I will cut my losses and have a pretty cool gun for about $65.

I hope to complete by mid-February. If anybody wants some scope mounts, I can ask my friend to cut some more. I just need the diameter for if you are using a Webley kit, or using 1.5" PVC.

Stay Tuned!