*Official* C4 Picture Thread

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Just wanted to give everyone an official place to post your pics from the event so we don't have 5 different threads going with pics. So...BRING ON THE PICS!
Just talked to James (Commader Voltaire) and he wanted me to relay that the first day was a smashing success. TDH's booth got both a lot of praise and a lot of attention. A number of people commented on the professionalism and the appeal of the look. He is still trying to get pics uploaded... we are hoping by tomorrow.
Well, it is now 12:11 A.M. PST and while most of you are sleeping I've just walked through the door after an Hour and 55 minute drive from L.A. and boy is sleep starting to catch up now......

Anywho, although CIV 4 Offically started today most fans will meet up tommorrow after a good nights rest and that is when most of you can expect to see Pics up and running, but for now here are a few Photos of some of us getting together for the first night. We met up a Saber's (a small Mexican Resturant downtown at 7:00 P.M. (Didn't hang around for Comic night) and it was really nice. After meeting up with a few people from this forum (see who you can spot) I can honestly say that I couldn't have met a nicer bunch of Folks ( Wish you all could have been here) Also, I'm sorry about the pictures. Didn't come out the way I hoped.
Enjoy C






Forgot the camera today but it was fun. Already a late night, I need to get to sleep. Casey's is open late near all the hotels, see you there tomorrow night.
Well, this is 2A.M. last night. The kid's mandos are ready, but mine is...............................:( Oh well, it's all about the kids. We're off to C4!(y)


Just got a con update from dgasser- he and Seeker are manning the TDH table right now. Said the response has been great! People are really LOVING our table and banners and new logo, lots of people interested in who and what we are. We are already out of stickers for the day! Lots of costumed folks hanging out. He said the con doesn't seem to be as crazy as C3 was.
Glad to hear it! I hoped it would make a big splash and stand out among the other setups.
Wish I could have seen people's reaction to it in person.
Oh well. Maybe D-con.
MandalorFett called me a while ago cuz we had arranged for him to pick me up a couple of the exclusive figs.
He said the booth looked excellent! But we need some pics!
Pics! Pics! Pics! :lol:
lIf anyone could relay a message to PredatorMV (the blonde dude who kinda looks like eminem in cerillo's first pic) He is sposed to call me to pick him up from the airport after c4 and my cell is ruined so i need to get him an alternate number to call!
If anyone can help please pm me!
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