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Zurath Kodul

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I'm a member of many forums, and all of them have a "post your pic" thread, I figure it's ok to start one. I'll go first.

When I was 7, I made my own super hero. I was goofing around in photoshop last night and put a glow effect on mym old saber, came out pretty good, too.

AOTC It might be a bit big, so be patient. I'll add the others up in a bit.
This is a cool idea . . .takes away abit of your web anonimity I guess but what the hell :lol: Your picture is awesome Hopefull (y) I can see where you get your energy and enthusiasm for Star Wars. Nice photoshop-ing too.

This pic is the only star wars related pic I have of myself, taken a few months back in my FX armor before I sold it :cry :cry


BTW . . Why dont we make this one a 06 thread since alot of links are dead in both the others and the last post was over a year ago.
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Here are a few of me from my side of the world

the ladies were cropped out to protect thier identities (they would kill me if they found out they were on a Star Wars site:rolleyes )

another testing my MR with my just about finished snow commander project

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Snow boarding in Tahoe 06' with Amber and Jet skiing with cathy (this one is for my buddy Sniffer");)


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