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I am beginning a custom Mandalorian project and have the sintra armor almost ready to paint. Because of my location, spray painting is extremely difficult (small apartment with snow outside). Rather than wait for spring spray painting weather, what non spray paint can I use? Testors? Acrylic? Other? Also, I remember somebody mentioning Silver Leaf Rub N Buff. Is that a paint or a finish? Can you paint over it for layering?

Many Thanks!
Well, spray paints can either work out for you or make things look worse. I can vouch for rubb and buff silver leaf, because if your looking for an authentic metal look, it will give you it. I cannot say anything about acrylics or other kinds of paint, but I have always had a feeling that those types of paints would chip off after awhile, but im not one to say. Another thing since your doing a custom mando, is you can expirement with paints. I know your not doing a Boba, but im sure you can pull some of the non-spray paint colors from the rougestudios list. Good luck!

I actually tried the rub and buff stuff yesterday and I'm pleasantly surprised to say the least. You just rub it on with a cloth and after it dries buff it up with a clean cloth and it gives you a very metal-like finish. I used gold rather than the silver(as it's all they had at the time) so I can only vouch for the gold...It seems that the drawback is that they only come in metallic colors-I've only seen gold and silver so far. So if you're going to want color in your armor, paints the only way to go. I use the Krylon paints commonly found in WalMarts everywhere-it's about $3 a can. You have no other place where someone would allow you to paint in a heated outbuilding or something? How much room do you have available to you in your apartment? Would there be enough room to build yourself a small (4ft wide and 4 ft tall or so) painting booth that you can spray into inside so you won't get overspray everywhere. A small fan of some kind connected to a hose that leads to a window for ventilation may be rigged up. I know I'm grasping at straws, but I guess it depends upon how bad you want to paint. If not, break out the acrylic paints, brushes, and masking tape and follow superjedi's lead in painting his buckets...Good luck, and hope for an early spring. Luckily I've been able to go out and spray the part and bring it back inside quickly so that I can sit it on racks to dry in my basement where it's nice and warm. Would you be able to try that maybe? Again, good luck-and excuse my spelling etc, I was in a hurry...

Thanks for the opinions and info. I have somebody with a garage about a half hour away that I may go to on Sunday but I'd rather be able to work on it more often. I may at least spray paint the blasters this weekend.

I've reading some of the other threads about airbrushing. I've never done that. Can it be used to do whole pieces of armor or is it just for weathering and accents? Also, how bad are the fumes when airbrushing? I assume it is much better than spray paint due to the lack of propellents.

Also does everybody concur that painting armor pieces with a brush looks odd? I did so sample swatches on sintra with some colors I found that I like and Tamiya acrylic paint and although small, I thing they look okay.

Also, I used the silve rub n buff and then added some accent paint over it. It looks good but the accent the paint scratches off easily. I will try a clear coat on top and report back.
It depends what look you are going for. If you want a beautifully finished paint job, you really have no option but to spray either from a can or an airbrush.

However - take the ANH Vader armour for example - the original prop was completely hand painted and really quite rough, like it had seen a few battles. The brush marks are an essential part of the screen accurate look, in fact.

So if you were creating a custom Fett type paint scheme, there's actually nothing to stop you going 'rough and ready' and deliberately keeping the brush strokes, adding additional weathering or whatever.

It's just a matter of personal preference I guess.
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