Night time helmet wearing problems

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As most of you know that many of these functions that we attend are at night. When we wear our helmets and with low light levels, we are blind.

I have been thinking of using a very light tinted visor, mounting it permantly to helmet, then layering a second visor(same tint as the permanant visor) on the inside of the helmet. This second tinted visor would darken the visor and would be removeable.

So during daytime functions, i would have a double visor, then at night i would remove the inner visor, resulting in better vision. (y)
neither do i, however, mine is a shade 3 or a 5 which ever is the darker of the two...i was thbinking about switching to a dark grey instead of welding green.... has anyone done the night-vision? or is that just proposterous?
I have a smoked acyllic visor in mine with black window tinting on the inside... can't see ANYTHING going in...NOTHING but I can see just fine out. I've worn it at night, in clubs, conventions, etc...never really had a problem with vision.
On my old DP'95, I mounted my visor from the front, onto three Velcro braces. Originally, I did this in order to have a removeable visor for future helmet repaints. However, I toyed with the idea of making a second, clear visor specifically for nighttime activities. I never really used the idea, since my dark visor was also light enough for me to see in the dark.

If you use the front-mount method, there's an idea for you...
My green visor works great! I walked around trick or treating with some kids and had no problems.
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