Custom Mandalorian Kid's and first time build.


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I am putting this together for my son. This is my first time working on something like this. First for working with expanded PVC foam and EVA foam, It is a lot of work and I know I did a bad job on some of it. Got a good deal on hair for the scalps at Dollar tree only after we spent too much at Sally's. I got a 4x9 sheet of expanded PVC foam from a local plastics company and I still have more than half of it. I started the armor with EVA floor foam but it seemed too thick. There are a few things that I didn't get to, girth belt, boots, a decent jet pack, second gauntlet, and pouches. Maybe I can get a few of these before the end of the week.

I wouldn't have been able to do this without the resources this site provided. He will have his first kit up, suit up, or whatever it is called, tonight (10/24/16). Updated photos coming soon.

I laser cut the armor and clearly used EVA foam for the helmet. Yes, I reversed the chest piece. I was able to get some exposed xray film for the visor. I asked for one with a skull or spine but no luck. Stacked a few layers and it worked perfect. I think I went a bit overboard on the damage.
MZvvzHG.jpg m24h0nN.jpg g4qqNOy.jpg KD8U4GX.jpg
The Darksaber is also laser cut from expanded pvc foam. The inside was hollowed so I could add a light source but never got around to it and there was no way to open it once I put it together. I had a vision of having 3 or 4 sheets plexi with lightning cut into it and a black sheet in the middle and the lights alternate or flicker so it gives it an animated lightning effect on the blade. I might take the time to make changes to the design but it works for now.
His grandma made the flight suit and flak vest from references and plans I gave her from here. It fits pretty well, but the vest is a bit short and the neck of the suit is a bit large. She did it all from measurements sent to her and it was here first go at it. I think it turned out pretty good. I am attaching all the armor to with with velcro.
1soERoA.jpg 9vw1WHt.jpg 86tJuYL.jpg
Cape was fun to do. Gave it a coffee bath, cut some holes and burned them and cut the ends. Then dragged it around under my foot on the sidewalk and parked the front tire on it and turned the wheel back and forth.
This is a re-purposed Ironman gauntlet that we are painting. It has two projectile ports in the front that can be activated with a button and a storage port for more in the back which is perfect for tubes to run to the jet pack. The palm tilts up and makes the Iron Man charge up blast noise. It also has a button that says "I am Ironman." Anyone know how to reprogram it? ha. It is a bit heavy so I am not sure it will stay on top of his arm. I removed the batteries and it helped.
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VERY cool! I started a costume last year and just finished the last few details for my 12 year old last night. I love the paint job, look great!!.
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