umm hi im new.......
im starting on a boba fett costume.
i need tips on the helmet.
like wat i should do with it to make it look nice ummmm.....
Hi and welcome. That's a pretty broad question.

My advice is to get settled in looking around the invaluable amount of threads and have at it.

If you'd like suggestions on a helmet the standard issue answer is:

Marrow Sun


Either one is an excellent choice.
Welcome to the boards. The Rubies helmet will be a nice helmet to practice your painting techniques on, but you will probably end up wanting to upgrade to a more screen accurate size and shaped bucket...a la the aforementioned Marrow Sun or BobaMaker helmets.
you know when you primer something before you paint it. i.e. house, car, walls, etc. Not sure of the exact reasons, but i believe it makes the paint go on smoother, and on a clean balanced service.
For some surfaces it is necessary to sand and spray or apply primer on before any kind of paint would otherwise be able to stick to.

For surfaces that could be painted anyway the primer allows any further painting to have a strong bond with whatever surface it is being applied to.

Primer is also good for noticing any defects in your surface before you apply regular coats of paint.

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