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Thanks for this, i was actually wondering how i was going to dye the belt! I've tried before with Dylon, but it was rubbish.

Do you mind if i ask how you did the stitching on the belt? I just can't seem to keep it tight.

Thanks again!
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So I tried this method as suggested using Latex stain. Worked well!
I noticed someone stated they were able to work out the stiffness in the belt after it was dried?


uh, was it this stiff? This is about how crispy I like my bacon! And this is after much flexing and bending to try and loosen up the fibers. Maybe I used too much stain? Maybe wrong material belt ("all natural mohair" ordered from Dover Saddlery)?

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i tried this as well (thanks for this technique by the way!!). it is not for those that don't want to get dirty! lol i still have paint on me from a week ago! i used behr latex stain dye, barn red (as i have a ROTJ build). i just got 2 sample cans, like $3-4.00 a piece. this way you don't get more than you need. i followed the tutorial and really rubbed in the stain. after it is really important to wipe it down a bunch. i can't stress that enough! or it will be hard and feel brittle. when it drys just bend it around a bit and presto! beautiful girth belt.


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Maybe wrong material belt ("all natural mohair" ordered from Dover Saddlery)?

I think the belts most get are made from artificial mohair--see it here, 100% acrylic mohair--which would make an acrylic-latex dye/stain the optimal thing to use. I would imagine a natural hair product (all-natural mohair as listed on Dovers Site) would take hair dye well. Just a thought.
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I just got done doing my girth tonight. I used Minwax latex wood stain Scarlett red from Lowes for $11.00 .
It came out pretty good. It is a pretty slick trick!!

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Does the Man of War girth belt still need dyed? The 501st CRL for ROTJ Fett shows a red girth belt and the MOW one is red? I realize the on screen belt looks different in different shots in the movie.


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I just used this method. I bought the sample size (7.25 oz) of Behr brand, "barn red" from Home Depot for about $4. I thinned it out about 1:1. This way it was plenty to do one girth belt, plus thinning it out helps it soak into the fibers a lot better. Hung it out to dry and it looks great. Thanks whistle8mp.


I've never dyed anything before, but I'm assuming good want the brown one, rather than the white?

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