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I got a mohair girth will rit stay in it i have seen some posting on nylon girths and was wondering if that is why they wont take color ? curious. I think I'll go the latex stain either way just curious.


I just got the stain at Home Depot on Friday. The color is just "#13 spice", not "#13 spice red". Some of the stain dried on the buckels and it will NOT come off... Any ideas on removal?
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Wow! thanks for posting this..Im going to attempt to make my own belt...and since the extent of my artistic ability is drawing an uneven stick figure, this will really help!


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A little experience with

Ordered a Girth belt from them a couple weeks ago. Never got any notice from them and my paypal said pending. I finally called them last week and they told me the belts are back ordered till mid October, I told them that was fine and I could wait. I checked the status of my paypal yesterday and my order had been canceled. Im not sure what is going on with them. So I just placed an order now with Hope its better then Dover Saddlery.


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Something I've wondered: would a sinch strap for a kids saddle work for a good sash? Its cotton & has buckles on both ends.


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Definitely going to try this out, ordered the belt and I'll pickup the stain this week. The leather belt pieces on the end, is that easy to find? or did you make those yourself?


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Speaking of dyeing soft parts, anyone know how to remove color from a Nomex Flight Suit and/or dye it?


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funny I did that ten years ago..I used a bucket. And the drying is key.
my dad use to stain "recolor" coaches and chairs.
nice work


Just bought myself some 1" webbing and a white girth belt for my ESB Fett. Can someone help me out as I'm in the UK and a lot of the colours you guys seem to be using are from Walmart etc. I don't have access to any of that. :'(

Has any UK Fetts done this method and what colour did you use? Cheers.

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Where can i actually get the stain? I have been to Menards and The Home Depot and they didn't think latex stain existed. they pointed me to water based, but I didn't buy it. So, the question is, where can I buy it, what brands are making it, and what color is good for PP2 (or ESB as they are the same brown color). Thanks in advance to whoever can help me out.


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I have used Duplicolor Upholstery and Vinyl coating for a ton of stuff (usually just on vinyl). I wound up giving it a shot on my girth belt and it worked pretty good. Not a lot of colors to choose from, though. To get the dark, blood red color I wanted, I had to saturate the thing (used almost an entire can) in dark red and then mist on charcoal grey. Not exactly what I wanted (and the belt is a bit too small for my gut), so I'll probably replace it and do the stain method. It looks to give a much better coverage and probably has lots of color choices.
I just did the exact same thing, already had a can of Duplicolor Burgundy so I gave it a try, and agree is not the best, but works fine, I also used the whole can and still I can see some white spots, the question is, if I wanna stain it can I just directly stain it in a similar color or do I need to take the color out with bleach or some other chemical? I'm leaning towards just dip it in stain and see how it comes out, I have another girth on its way so I will experiment with this one and share whatever is I learn from.... any comments are appreciated...


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Where can i actually get the stain? I have been to Menards and The Home Depot and they didn't think latex stain existed. they pointed me to water based, but I didn't buy it.
Water-based is the latex stuff. Via Wikipedia: "Synthetic latexes are used in coatings (e.g. latex paint) and glues because they solidify by coalescence of the polymer particles as the water evaporates, and therefore can form films without releasing potentially toxic organic solvents in the environment."

However, I discovered on my last trip to Lowe's that the folks who work in paint sections don't always know oil-based from water-based. I dyed my girth with a 50-50 mixture of two colors of Rust-Oleum "Ultimate Wood Stain" (Black Cherry for sure, and either Light Walnut or Paprika). I first soaked the girth in the whole 8oz can of Black Cherry and let it dry overnight. That turned it a disturbing purple color; fortunately, even 8oz was not enough to completely saturate the belt, leaving the pigment pretty light. I then repeated the process with the other color, which had much more of an orange tinge - I'm going for the dark reddish-brown ESB girth color, so I needed to offset the blue of the Black Cherry. The result is a color that I'm pretty happy with, except that the way I hung the belt to dry left one end of the belt more blue-ish, and the other more orange. It's not that noticeable - I can post pictures later.

The big shock was in learning this stuff is not water-based at all, despite me confirming with the guy behind the counter to be sure before buying. I should have known that any paint/stain claiming to dry more quickly is probably based on an organic solvent. Still, though clean-up was a little bit more of a hassle, the only downside is that the belt is somewhat stiff. I don't expect it to be a problem, but I would warn anyone to double- or triple-check before leaving the store.