New targeting / laser rangefinder pics

judz dwedd

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Something I thought you guys should know:
I was just at Radio Shack yesterday to check on the laser module's availability.

Aparantly, based on pm's and emails I've recieved from some members of TDH and RPF, people are interest in getting them.

I found that most of the stores still have them in stock, but they've been discontinued.

So, if you ever plan on getting one, you might want to do it before they're gone. Good luck.:)


I have another Question;
How did you get the image of the reticle?

I have experimented with a razor knife (nice and sharp and very thin brite lines) and a dremel (braoder lines, little duller). Both images very imperfect, done by hand and it shows.

Still trying to figure out which is the best effect.

judz dwedd

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The center ring is actually a hole drilled through the plexi. The crosshairs were carefully done witha dremel emery cut-off wheel and the edge of a jewlers file. Hope this helps.

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Man, can't wait until my helmet with it's laser rangefinder gets here!! I've enjoyed reading about yours a great deal!

Just cannot wait to see how it turned out!!!



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JD, Hey, if your radio shack has any more Laser Modules, could you pick one up for me? All the one's around me don't have them and they are not expecting to get any more in. They are even pulling the keychain laser pointers because of lawsuits and stuff.

If anyone else runs across any, let me know.


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Greetings Strange Ones!! Antrock from the RPF here!!

Here are some up close pics of the original designed laser range finder. The shell is gel coated once and a thin layer of resin to give it strength.I added the components and filled the rest with bondo /resin filler. Left a slot opening on the top for the removeable battery area,covered with black tape.


I added on on/off switch on the bottom here. The unit is completely housed in the finder.

judz dwedd

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None of the pics were showing untill about an hour ago. :lol: This is a very old thread, that I re-uploaded a pic to because of a request. Maybe it's revival will help inspire some members that weren't here when it was origionally posted. :)