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Inspired by my friend Antrock, I decided to build a "working" rangefinder for my Jango helmet. A servo set-up from Hyperdyne labs makes it travel up and down. The laser and targeting recticle illuminate when the rangefinder reaches the full down position.
Tutorial in two words....Radio Shack.:D

Items needed * Laser module - blue LED - 1/8" clear plexi - rangefinder(hollowed out)- 1/8" flat aluminum(for stalk) - imagination.
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:eek: WOW! I love that targeting grid that's lit up blue! How did you make that?
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Thanks for the compliments guys. The targeting reticle is made from 1/8" thich clear plexi. The details are dremmeled in and illuminated via bule LED mounted to the side of the plexi, shining through it. only the "frosty" areas of the plexi reflect the light.
Looking mighty nice!!

I'm the guy that Tony built the laser rangefinder shown on RPF

(for reasons that seemed good at the time, I have a different user name at RPF. I'm Jedi & Mandalorians)

I'm very happy with how it looks!! At this point, I can't afford a servo, but I can't wait to see and hear how your's turns out!!! it looks awesome.

Nice, nice work Judz Dwedd!!!

take care,

Where is the blue light mounted?...behind the glass. If so, can you see through the viewfinder? Could you post some pics of both sides without the lights turned on? Thanks!
Yes, you can see through the viewfinder. I must say, it looks pretty cool with the illuminated grid, and the laser dot on your target.
Judge dwedd< are you or antrock able to do this Mod for others? Looks really good.

the reticle with Jim shima"s leds and servo would be really cool.
OPPI wrote:how are you planning to control the servo to raise and lower the rangefinder??

I plan on using a button on the right gauntlet to operate the rangefinder. The wiring will run up one of the gauntlet hoses to the neck of the costume. When I put on the helmet, I'll plug the switch wires in using a small speaker jack.
icemanfred wrote:Judge dwedd< are you or antrock able to do this Mod for others? Looks really good.

the reticle with Jim shima"s leds and servo would be really cool.

I'm not planing on doing any more of these. Maybe Antrock would be willing. Try sending him a pm.
I got cha...but my real question is how are you making the servo go down, and then up...theres 3 wires on a servo... +, -, and siganl... are you going to use a DPDT switch this is the idea i had but cant seem to get it to actually go together and make it work
I'm not quite sure yet. I ordered a servo and servo controller board from Hyperdyne. I await my order and the instructions that are included. Rest assured, when it's finished, I will post.
The rangefinder stalk is hollowed out for the wiring to run down to the helmet. Two AA bateries inside the helmet will power the laser & LED. Another 9v battery will power the servo and cpu cooling fan.

Did I mention this helmet's gonna be equiped with a big screen tv and a wet bar inside! :lol:
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