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I was sent this link by a fellow 501st member. It claims it is very small and can be worn on your wrist. So we might be able to open it up and modify it for helmet use since the RS ones are not available anymore.
I have that same one, but have not taken it apart yet. ITs pretty slim as is. I dont know anything about electronics though. to bad noone would custom make these to fit everything inside the helmet with the speaks just inside the helmet /hint /hint
TK409 did a review on his site: said:
The new "Newton" voice amp (about $45 shipped) is available by XtremeGadget. It's about the same size and it's very effective. I would say this compares to the Radio Shack verio identically in performance. Comes with battery-charging capability.

[EDIT] Sorry, different amp!

As for the conversion to fit in in the helmet, I don't know if anyone else has got more successful results, but I really see no advantage to having it in the helmet.

If you were to mount it there, you would have to sacrifice volume and battery life in order to use a 9V battery and a smaller speaker. Some suggest mounting it in your helmet and attaching the speaker to a plug so you can have a bigger speaker in your chest or belt, but that defeats the purpose of the helmet mounting system.

Personally, I suggest keeping the microphone headset and putting your electronics on your hip pouches, that way you still get the same full volume and battery life, and you can take your helmet off easily.

Like I said, this is just what I've found out through my various experiments. If anyone else has had more success, please post!

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Instead of the headset, I wanted to mount the mic inside the helmet and have everything inside the helmet, not plausable? Seemed like a good idea. I have heard the little speakers for the trooper helmet and they where pretty loud, and have also heard the 9volt lasted a pretty long time to.
I believe feedback becomes the issue, when putting everything inside the helmet. With a standard TK helmet, there's alot of room to work with, and the aerators provide a 'forward throw' for the speakers, reducing the feedback problem.

With a Fett helmet, there's not as much room, and no way to position the speaker far enough away from the mic to avoid feedback.

I've heard of some people doing this to their Fett helmets, with minimal success.
Nice find! I haven't seen this one. The millimeter conversion puts it at about 7" long X 3" high X 2.5" deep (not quite as long and about 3/4 the height of the RS and Newton amps. About the same thickness)

I have that one in my TK.
Feedback is a big problem. I have the speaker behind the chestpiece, & if the volume is up too high it feeds back. I think the speaker is under 3 inches in diameter, & over an inch deep.
Maybe a better mic would help. I can't seem to find one that works, any ideas?
The whole thing was like, 45 bucks shipped . I don't want to spend that much for a new mic, know what I mean?

The "guts" fit nicely inside of the dropbox.

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