New interest in fiberglass molding


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Hey all I posted a question in the sarlacc pit the other day . I am interested in starting to
Make molds. I'm trying to recreate a car part so I'm leaning towards fiber glass. What /where would one find all the stuff to get started at ? Are there any kits out there that are worth the money. You guys that have been doing it a long time know a lot more about it than me so I was hoping for a little
Coaching advise . Thanks!!
I'm a beginner as well.. I would agree that DVH is one of the best guys out there to talk to about this sort of thing. His work is absolutely amazing!

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Have you heard of Youtube? Seriously though....people typing stuff here is worthless compared to a video of someone doing it. And its already there. If you really want to learn do a little leg work. Use the google machine

I have been looking at you tube videos and there is some great stuff out there. Most times though they don't go into much detail about the products they are using or where to get them.
Smooth-On products are nice. There is also Eager Plastics in the Chicago area I think. They should be a couple bucks cheaper:)

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