New guy here! some EE-3 WIP pics...


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Hi guys!
I've been lurking around here for about a week drooling over all your excellent Fett blasters, and decided to give it a go myself... It's not gonna be entirely accurate but it'll be close enough for me as a wall hanger :)

I also post under the same name over at the RPF, BBC, and ASAP so some of you guys might recognize the name; I've had an E-11 on the back burner now for a few years, but something about Fett's blaster that is so wicked looking that I gotta try making one... The base is an old 1:1 scale LS .44 mag model gun, the stock is laminated basswood, and PVC for the barrel. I'd like to give Kudo's to TK 409 for his photos with dimensions as it helped greatly thus far...

On to the pics!



More pics to follow as I progress, and I'm glad to be here!
hi i'm thinking of doing the same project as this would it be possible to get a look at the pics and dimensions you mentioned please :)
Very nice work, I always like anything scratch built... very rewarding...:lol:

Off to a great start, interesting use of the templates/drawings you made!!!(y)
Well, got a little further along; Pretty much got the stock and bracket done, the bracket is hangin' waiting for the primer to dry...




It's gettin' there, slowly but surely... My job hours (overnights) don't lend themselves well to working on this thing...:facepalm
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