Girth Belt New girth belt dye method maybe


New Hunter
hello there dented helmet.
So I tried a new method on dying my synthetic girth belt. I wanted to be cheap and I was hesitant to buy wood stain but one day I went out to buy it cuz I had no choice. So I walk up to the paint guy at lowes and he had no idea what I was talking about haha, but he showed me this. I had doubts but it worked perfectly, I poured the entire jar in a bucket and put water in until it had the consistency of milk. I put the belt in and made sure to really work in the red in all the fibers. After leaving in hanging to drip dry for 20 hours I then let it completely dry for an additional 24 hours till it was dry to the touch and left no residue on any other material
Now this is for return or the jedi, so for empire I don't know what you'd do , possibly mix paint in it, I don't know, I'm new to this. But for this it's been 3 months since I dyed it, it doesn't rub off on my flight suit and there is no weird texture or fraying on the belt.
anyway so this is my first post on the dented helmet and I really wanted to help out with this info.
thanks for reading