need major help

Jaster S

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lately i have been attempting to make my armor. attempting. every thing i have tried so far hasn't worked. i would like some help with making a PLASTIC set of armor PLEASE help me i'm really needin it. This next attempt is going to be my summer project *gulp* i'm stumped please help :confused :zam :jet pack

Jango 5204

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More info....why isn't it working? The shape isn't right, have trouble heating it, too big for your frame? I'm sure you'll get the help you need, but we need more info as to why it's been working.:)

Jaster S

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i saw a method of making armor using a thrash can method *don't laugh* and i can't heat it . when i cut out the peices they don't look right and they just aren't workin. i heard from another mando armor making place that sterilite (sp) trash cans work best but i'm not sure.another question, How much does the average suit cost? I really need patterns for the armor. forming is another story. picture would be appreciated. ps i'm a beginner at this stuff


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The above link will take you to Wizzardofflight templates that he made in various sizes... I would get big peices of styrine and trim them to the size of the printed templates and then heat them accordingly.

A little heat goes a long way... just slowly shape them and dont get them to hot or they will warp into a funky shaped never to be used again... happened to me. :(

Hope that helps.

Oh and the average 501st quality suit starts at about $1500 bucks. Give or take $100.

Duran Lomax

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Jaster S said:
i saw a method of making armor using a thrash can method *don't laugh* and i can't heat it .

Trash can armor will never be laughed at; the method is genius, especially for those with a low budget, be it due to no job, or tuition for your kids.

As for heating it, I use a hair dryer set on high. Blow the plastic for a good few minutes, until it gets almost too hot to touch, all the while bending it in the shape you want. After a few minutes, dunk the piece in cold water (while still bending it in the form you want).
Some pieces of armor are too large for a pot or pan; personally, I used the cold water faucet in the bathtub. The plastic should hold its shape just fine.