Mystery Helmet Update 05/21/03



04/23/03- Hey, just a quick post to say if you're waiting on a Mystery Helmet Kit (MHK), the last couple will be going out Friday. After that I'm going to take a few weeks off to re-organize the shop, try to streamline things a bit, and do some much needed Spring cleaning.

I'll put the word out when I'm ready to do more :)


(New update at the bottom of thread)
Here you go SEEKER. This is Sarge's helmet.


And this is Geo Fett's helmet compared to a regular DP.


This helmet is closer in size and shape to the ROTJ helmet than the MSH which looks much better as a ESB helmet.

Hope it helps. :)
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Very nice.

Thanks Delifer - I might have to get in touch with Sarge. :D

I'm trying to gather all these helmets for the quest of the perfect Jango helmet.
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SEEKER, Here is the MHK as a Jango helmet. Maybe you have seen it before.

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Seeker, I already think your Jango helmet is the most perfect looking helmet of Boba or Jango I have seen, outside of the real thing (although if you put the two next to each other I probably couldn't tell them apart).

Edit: Now that I think about it, your visor is too wide down the middle (as are most helmets) but that's just a minor thing. Otherwise your helmet looks superb.
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Seeker, you might be pretty well off with the Mystery Helmet.
I haven't studied Jango's helmet at all really, but I do believe that it is smaller than the real ESB/ROTJ helmet.

The fellow from the boards who put the Jango together for CEL 2 said the helmet seemed DP deluxe sized.
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I thought the Mystery Helmet was supposedly cast from an actual LF helmet?
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It's origins are a bit mysterious. I had the pleasure of being involved in the discussion with several knowledgable Fett guys at the RPF. The helmet's overall look is quite interesting and well done. It has the clean look/lines of the Jedi helmet (no brow warp, ect...). However, it did have a few details that were not accurate to the film helmets. The most prominent of which is the size, which I believe is around DP Deluxe-sized or just slightly larger.

Regardless of its origin, it's still one of the nicest helmets out there. No doubt.
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No. The Dp Deluxe is a good deal smaller than the Movie helmet. The TDH member who put the Jango costume together for Cel 2 said the Jango helmet was surprisingly small and sized like a DP Deluxe.
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Gotcha. So that would make the MH smaller than the movie but larger than the DP.
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MHK is a bit larger than the DP Delux and has very different details. Like the visor, for example.
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Ok, I've been trying to get back in the groove a little bit, I have ONE kit ready to ship, first serious PM gets it.


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