My Zam Wesell

I have begun this costume - appreciate the wealth of knowledge that has been posted up until now. alot to read but invaluable!

heres the first part I've made - the cape seal. backing is 2mm ABS sheet, detail cut and dremmeled out of 3mm sheet.



Next step the Rifle - making it from scratch so plenty of long nights ahead!!
oh sorry forgot the intro.

Name: Centuri
Location: Christchurch
member of 501st (TK), Fanforce CR for SI new Zealand. Star wars fan (duh) and toy collector. relatively new to this costuming thing, fun though! Walked 12km in armour last week for charity, that should explain how crazy i am :)
here are some progress pics for the Rifle.

Stock: 2x 18mm sheets of MDF laminated together, total 36mm wide.
the butt of the rifle has been thinned to 30mm from the handgrip backwards.

barrel: 16mm tube 1.2m long and 5mm solid rod about 1m long.
a half round channel has been routed to sit the barrel into.




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Looks great.... you're certainly putting a LOT of effort into this! :D

I've got the parts except for the scope - Haven't figured that part out yet... I'll probably end up going a similar route to you, as I don't want to have to do castings and all that.

Keep us posted on your progress!


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Okay... first I've ever heard of *that* method! What kind of plastic is that and how do you do melt it down and form it?


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Just trash can plastic... I first build the object in 3D on my machine, find out the height of the object, the circumferance of the top and the bottom. Then I draw a pyramid on the plastic, cut it out, hover it over the stove and with gloves on, I form it into a cone.


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chansplace said:
the cost of it basically (plus the cost of shipping it over to NZ).

plus it's a good excuse to learn some new skills :)

right on! ... I understand. good job. i didn't want to sound condescending I was just curious. I got to thinking about it after posting the question :)

Can't wait to see more progress.
a few more progress pics. well not much more progress, a but managed to
source a few items. Boots - what do you guys think of these? theyre not 100% but theyre really comfy (apparently) and they are a suede outer so easy enough to recolour.

Hose connectors - many thanks to Yakcam. fits perfectly with my hose too!

Scope - on its way. need a few mods but pretty close to the correct size.

rifle progress - stock sanded and primed - pretty happy with final shaping. scope mounts shaped and butt plate cut out.



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Congrats on the progress!! The rifle is looking really good!!! Bet you never knew Zam had so many parts!!! I know I'm always surprised!

Question: What kind of scope is that and where did you find it? That is one of the pieces I'm really really really have trouble with! (I'm probably looking in the wrong places or something... *sighs* )


MaulMaus, I discovered this weekend that the mini Mag-Lites at Ace Hardware are about the perfect diameter for the rifle scopes. That's as far as I got with this knowledge, though. Haven't figured out how to turn them INTO the scopes yet.


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Hadn't thought of that!!! That's a great idea! :D

I should think just gutting them, and putting two end to end would do the trick... but trial and error will probably be the best judge of that.
MaulMaus said:
Question: What kind of scope is that and where did you find it? That is one of the pieces I'm really really really have trouble with! (I'm probably looking in the wrong places or something... *sighs* )

like most parts it was a chance finding - a contact through our local 501st message boards. Its a "Safari" brand, 4 x 32. Overall length is 292mm, end caps are 35mm in width.