My rabbit ear Pre-Pro helmet progress

Lynn TXP 0369

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Instead of me keeping on clogging up Mikeal's thread of the his same helmet and his progress, I thought I would post my own pics and thread of my rabbit ear Pre-Pro Mystery helmet's progress...

It is slow, but getting there eventually, there is a lot of detail on this baby..... It is no where near done yet, I still have to do more weathering on the dome, back, visor, sides, basically all over still...

Base color...

Main colors applied...


Weathering started...


Where it is at now....



It is getting there sloooow but sure.
I'm trying to get it as close as I can, but the pics are soooo darn hard to tell "absolute" details, that some of the weathering is done as my best "guess" as to what "I" think it looks like in the pics. I look at several pics and see if the weathering appears in both general areas and I do it as close I as I feel it is.
This thing can drive you nuts... :wacko
Looking very nice Lynn!!


I find trying to paint "screen-accurate" damage incredibly difficult. (I don't have any problem creating my own battle damage paintjob! :lol:)

My bucket is off to you!
DANG! That is looking awesome!

I agree Bountys Hunted, weathering screen accuratly semms a bit hard, but coming up with it as you go is how i do it.
Very Cool, Lynn! Awesome!
I'm taking next week off to do some painting + work on my suit so i will probably have some updates too by then. Things have gone a little slow because of various projects here at work, but next week will bring out some more progress:)

Looking good Lynn. I am in awe at the talent around here sometimes!

Nice work. Keep those updates coming. I love looking at well painted buckets. (I really need to get out more ;) )

Thanks guys!! The bucket is getting there, slowley, I only work on it 15-30 min. a night if I have the time.
I'll post more pics a week or so...

Lynn that is truly an awsome bucket. Should be cool to see finished and will give you something to wear to stand out in a crowd.

secol_FETT wrote:

very cool, nice paint job
btw a Q? for all ya here
there are rabbit ears, or eyes :confused im confused now :D

It all depends on how you see them. I see them as rabbit ears, some see them as eyes. There is no right or wrong.
that paint job looks awesome. its so weird to see a boba helmet without the dent, but i love your helmet.

nice work!!
You'd better keep in track with Micke, cause you both are doing an excellent job with the Pre-Prod helmet each of you.

Both are looking great and awesome, and that's the sacrifice and dedication I like to see in this forum! :love:thumbsup:

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