My New Knee Armor - NEW !


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OkeeDokee, here we go again. ;)

I've had a lot of members ask me if I was ever going to make these. Well, since I was upgrading everyting else. I figured, what the hey.

Maybe we'll call these the "MSK's" :lol:

They were designed based upon the the size and proportion of DeanO's "Machined Aluminum " knee darts.

They are a "One Piece" design, no assembly. Fiberglass, with a special "Flex" epoxy top coat to minimize the chance of cracking. Pretty tuff stuff.

The pics below are trimmed very rough, nothing cleaned up.


The two pics used for overlay ...


The overlay .....


Note that each of the dart housings are a slightly different shape. As with everything else "Fett", nothing symmetrical :lol: But after closer examination of the exhibit pics, I knew I had to do it. You only make molds once ...






And, what I think to be the best part ... the dart housings are semi hollow, to allow for the bolt in method of the knee darts ......



One other point to note, the areas where the darts actually mount to the housings, are counter sunk, so the darts inset into the housing, for a more secure fit..

Very nice, Chris. I'd wondered if you would tackle them, very well done :)

I've got a sweet set from Lynn, but also have a set of Dean's darts that need something to be stuck too hmm...

We'll see ;)

Great job, I especially like that they're one piece :)

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VILLAIN!!!! Is there no end to this torture? Another exihibit to add to the "who stole Fett's original outfit?" case. You know that thievery is unaccepted here at TDH don't you? Now give that stuff back to LFL and everything will be hunky-dory.

You are a freaking animal, man.....a freaking animal. Fantastico! (y)
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HOLY!!!:eek: those are fantastic :cheers us a favor and stop making stuff, your making us ametuers look bad :lol:
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Sweet! Those look great! I want a set. Now if only I had the forethought to save a set of those darn darts for myself. ;)
WOW!! You don't stop do you, Chris? When will we see FP backplates and jet packs? ;) Great job as always! :cheers You've got one hell of an eye for detail!

Now THAT's what I'm talkin' about! :)

Just when you thought the bar couldn't be raised any closer to the ceiling than it already is, along comes Fettpride!

Man, I wish I bought some of DeanO's darts! :(

Holy sheepsh**t!! Those are flat-out awesome!!! Yeah man!!

(y) :cheers

AND they allow for bolt-in knee darts?!?! Does it get any better than this?!?!

Actually, it does! I haven't ordered any other Knee Armor yet!!! Finally, something cool comes out, that I haven't just ordered or have already!!!


Okay, I'm all better now...


PM sent...

Bucket's off to ya man.

I always thought these were a component that people overlooked, I didn't think they were very important myself for a long time. But after I noticed the differences in details between the right and left, I figured I'd give a stab at it,

These are the done deal tho, I won't be making any revs to them. I don't have that kind of time anymore it seems :lol:

DeanO - You what ? Are you kiddin ? :lol: Awe, I understand completely tho, I've done the same thing to myself before, and not just once either :lol: You better get back in that shop and get crack'n, these baby's need mates !

Thanks to everyone for their feedback and support !

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