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I have been making the leg greeblie, and I hate to say it, but zoom into the real pics from the MOM pics with the leg shot, and it looks really fallic.
Dr. Maul's pics
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I am tempted to say it looks like some sort of pouch for holding a knife or even a Gerber multitool.
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Hey yall, I will be posting progress pics soon of my 5 little greeblies and my interpretation from Dr. Maul's pics. If any one wants to critique them please, do so, I still have yet to sand some parts to get smoother effects. I need imput before I make a final cast. The leg greeblie will be done tonight and posted. Unfortunately, I already baked them, so all I can do is sand them down, but that is still something... unfortunately, I have yet to develop my website for a closer look. So, here are the ones from
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I am Envyous now. Only thing I can see wrong so far is the football shaped one is missing soem of the dotting on it that I can see in the shots instead. look at the pictures and you may know what I mean. It may also be the color and light of your greeblie that makes me not see what I mean either. Other wise they are execllent.
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I wish everyone had some sorta photo editor so that they can circle what they mean. I do have some mottled parts in the top section and the indented side L sections of the buckle/football greeblie." It might not have shown up in the pic, but there is a difference with the internal part next to the wing-like designs, there should be more overlaps but I didn't know how to do that clearly, cause that was my first greeblie. In hindsight, I shouldn't have baked half of them just yet. I got anxious. I was too scared they would get knocked over...
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Oh about the leg greeblie. I noticed the 12" doll's leg greeblie is really different from the actual Aussie photo. I like the 12" doll version better. The one that is in the Aussie photo seriously makes me think the sculpter who made it has some problems.. Maybe the photo is just bad, but I only wish it was a knife holder.
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Well the Leg Greeblie in the photo is exactly like the one in the Visual Dictionary. The doll one seems to fat and deformed.
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Hey Zam looking great! Nice hose connector and broach. :)

If anyone wanted some of these pieces made, let me know I love making nurnies in my spare time.

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Oh oops sorrie guys, when I started this thread, the 5 little greeblies that I made were the three belt pieces and the arm band and the leg piece. I have almost cast them all, except for the bottle and the leg piece. I am waiting for DCB's pics, so that I can get more detailed shots before I put them in the oven :)

The hose connector and broach, of course, were made by Paul.
The cresent moon+two pear shaped things were KnC's.
I want to give credit to where credit is due. Very, very, very nice pieces I might add.

The beads I bought from Ames-Christmas tree decor.
The shoes (with the perfect soles, but not uppers) were made by doll house footwear.
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Ok, from dallas' pics, the leg greeblie is not phallic, so...I am sorry whichever lucas sculpter made the thing...(if yer out there) definately looks like a knife holder with lots of copper tarnished looking paint..

Just wanted to give you guys a taste of what my greeblies will look like, now that I have redone all except the football looking greeblie from dcb's pics. Please! Please! critique my work before I finally bake em. I am going for perfection here. When I get home, I will crop them against several of dcb's pics. (dcb, hope you don't mind) Too bad printroom doesn't allow you to zoom in larger, but take a look and comment please :)
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posted for ZamIAm






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And when will they be available to order and when can we expect to receive?

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Thank you so much for posting these for me dcb! :) Version 2.0 is almost done. The football greeblie will be done as soon as I make it a little fatter up at the top. I realize the side belt "comp mouse" looking one needs some shaving off, cause it's too long, but only a sander can do that, cause that part was already baked. The top 1 mm layer on that one can be resculpted though, so if you have any critiques, i really need em. On any of them, Please ANYONE! Say SOMETHING about them! Thanks

Oh, about ordering, um... I am going to make sure that I get expert critiques first. Then I might do one batch on ebay. (Shameless plug) Sorry, but, I haven't finished them just yet. They are still at stage one, cause the version 1.0 was just so so, and believing in only my best for my fellow tdh'ers, thus version 2.0 is in progress. I will post when I can help people out with the greeblies. Right now, I am going for accuracy I know I need to fix three of the greebs, then I will be ready to bake and then mold, then cast. Patience, my young padawan! hehe j/k.
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Wow those are sweet!!!! with the exception of the last pic (its a tad too long as you said) all of them look almost dead on to me.
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I think they're coming along very nicely. I can see some very small differences with the two pics side by side but if they were painted and by themselves, I'd say they look really close!

Good job.

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Moncal, PLEASE List the differences that you see! C'mon guys, now's your time to rag on my work, I mean constructively critisize..LOL you know what I mean. I need this to be as close as possible before molding. The more eyes the better. Cause, there are certain things paint can't fix.
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