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Well, I finally got started to work on the sweet MSH2 that I've had sitting here for a while. Thought I would share the first few progress pics I have on it with you guys. I hope I'm on the right track and can do this beautiful piece justice. Thanks for Fettpride for such wonderful work and to RS for the great color finds and all the folks that put together the kick butt ref CD.

Anyway, without further adoo...



All of the pics can be found at
Excellent work so far mate!
I would assume you're using paintbrushes? You can always tell that it's not airbrushed...but correct me if I'm wrong! ;)

yep, I'm using paintbrushes. I'm to cheap to buy a compressor for an airbrush and I didn't get good results with the canned air type. I'm hoping that between the battle damage and the dull coat it will kill out the few remaining brush lines.
nice work Slowmo! It's coming along great! I am using brushes for the mandibles, ears and weathering on my MSH1 (i'm still not done yet :rolleyes) I found that very fine steel wool used very gently in small pieces takes out the brush marks but be careful not to apply too much pressure and take off too much paint.
yeah, I plan to take a scotchbrite pad to it when I get everything finished just before I dull coat it. That should take care of most of the last brushmarks.
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