MSH bucket painters, a question of building


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so i've begun the long road of building and painting my MSH 1 bucket. i know that my painting skills are not near what some have acheived on this board so i'm hoping to learn from their example.

i'm almost ready to paint but i've come to an impass. my earpieces and cheek greeblie are separate from the helmet. they have to be attached. for painting purposes is it better to attach them before or after painting?

thanks in advance!!!
I think you should make the proper holes for where your ear pieces are going to be attatched before you start to paint. That way if you make a mistake you could cover it up. It's not taht easy once you have it painted. Same with the cheek detail, you should get it oriented before you paint.
yeah i was definately going to do that. all the holes and everything will be ready.

i'm just wondering which is the preferred method, keeping these details on the bucket to paint or painting them separately.
Definatly do as mentioned above, but keep the ears off and paint the ears and bucket seperatly...

Theres less masking, and it is easier to paint and detail the ears that way.

When your done, just slap on the ears..

Yup, I agree with doing them seperately. I kinda figured that i would end up repainting my bucket eventually, so I rigged everything up so that I can completely disassemble my bucket, ears, cheek detail, and visor. youll have an easier time painting everything seperately:)
When you get the base colors down and start on the weathering, go super slow with the weathering. It takes a steady hand to make all those scrathes and details. :)
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