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Tonight at 9 I am filming mold making 101: Silicone, clay, mold boxes and simple theory. It will only be 30 minutes.

Twitch (IconicPropsTTV)

At the end of the stream I will be giving away a thermal detonator. I will be writing down a number between 1 and 1000 at the beginning of the stream. At the end of the stream I will give 1 minute for people to chat a number (once). The closest to the number will get the thermal.

The thermal will be cast during the twitch stream.

For every 25 people on the stream I will give away another detonator. Considering it's typically around 5 people, I expect to only give 1 away. Limit 3

If there's only one or two, its pretty good odds.

I will be posting details for the stream on Instagram shortly. I will be drawing from the likes and giving away another detonator.
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I need to work out the BST for these streams , soooooooo interested in this.

I also need to remember my YouTube password so I can subscribe