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    MOLD MAKING 101: Stream at 9PM EST on Twitch

    Tonight at 9 I am filming mold making 101: Silicone, clay, mold boxes and simple theory. It will only be 30 minutes. Twitch (IconicPropsTTV) At the end of the stream I will be giving away a thermal detonator. I will be writing down a number between 1 and 1000 at the beginning of the stream...
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    Stormrider / Iconic Props Twitch and Youtube - Retirement

    For those that don't know me, I am Stormrider. Founder of Iconic Props. And Sellbuddy. It says I am a well-known member on my profile so thats something right? Anyway I have been making fett products for years. A few years ago I lost my wife to cancer and have been scarce with...