Mina Fetts - ROTJ WIP Build Thread


Jr Hunter
Hello and thank you for viewing my build thread

Been reading up, researching, learning and lurking for sometime here. Wanted to post my build progress in the hopes I can get some feedback or suggestions how to improve on my kit.

After researching for a long time and gathering reference material, I started to collect parts to make a ROTJ Fett. My short term goal was to see if I could do it and long term see if I could at least wear it to a convention. 501 is something that would be awesome to do but I'm just not confident I can get my kit to that standard.

A little disclaimer, I am aware that some of my paint work is not the best. I have major issues with my hands. I really would have loved to use an airbrush but I just can't hold onto it and keep it steady. Rattle cans have been my friend. :)

Here is a break down of parts so far:
Helmet and hip pouches - Bobamaker ETA December/January
Helmet liner - white shadow
Flight suit, vest and neck seal - Bobamaker, weathering completed
Sun gaiter - for heat distribution
Cape - army half shelter, in original form not modified yet
Braids - woodman horsehair
Chest Armor - bobamaker (supplied and painted)
Lights - fetttronics
Back Armor and shoulders - fett pride
Knees and cod - RS props (supplied and painted, bought second hand)
Shin tools - found, 3D printed parts, rods from machinecraft
Jet pack - looking at possibly DVH jack pack kit?
Jetpack harness - modified RS harness with replica divers buckle
Boots - wasted fett
Ammo belt - delta Leatherworks (unweathered)
Girthbelt - second hand from a TDH member
Gauntlets - RKD, bought second hand missing parts - fixing
Slim line powerbank - to use for lights and fans, looking to run under chest plates to hip pouch
Fans - looking into options for helmet fans, interested in feedback/suggestions
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Jr Hunter
One of the first things that I started with was shin tools. I figured hey start with something small that hopefully if I goof up too bad is not highly visible.

I looked at a couple of different options. Buy a set unpainted, buy the found parts, print the parts. I decided on printing some parts, buying found parts and replica parts.
First up Patterson Squeegee - Bought one from a photo place in NSW
It arrived in something like this form (can't find before cutting photo):
After Cut.jpg

After I finished cutting, gutting, gluing, masking and painting it it looked like this (debating re-doing it):

After Paint.jpg

Squeegee remnant, block and rods.
I finished trimming up the remnant, tidying it up, painted it and added the temporary rods. Happily the metal rods arrived today. I have attached them so I could see how they looked. Still need to do weathering on them. Hope there is some better weather soon so I can get onto that.
Currently looks like this:

Second tool.jpg


Jr Hunter
Next up chest lights and chest pieces.
As I was in 2 minds on the chest light config I got 2 sets of chest lights. One with the generic Fett config and one with the RafalFett light sequence. I ended up deciding I liked the Raf one better and have stuck with that. Below is a side by side comparison of the 2 different lights in action:

Chest piece compared cropped.jpg

The armour on the left is RS props on a Loan Star shiny tackle twill vest. The collar on this set are bolted to the armour. Shoulder bells also bolted on.
The set on the right is a bobamaker vest and Version 3 armour using the grommet and bolt attachment method. Collar piece is free floating on the top and attached to the back piece. I decided on this option as the other method was resulting in major gaping and was not comfortable at all. This is the current armour set that I am working with.

This is one of my many test fits for the chest piece. Was trying to confirm that the pieces were aligned ok before moving on. The lights did move a little bit. Still trying to figure out a better way to get them to stay in place nicely.

Chest armour with lights on.jpg

More updates to come as I get better photos. :)


Jr Hunter
Dude this thing is looking fantastic. I think you're selling yourself short on that paint work too, it looks great!
Thank you for the lovely compliment. :)
I can’t take credit for the chest armor which was painted by the very talented Bobamaker (Daz). Of the items I have posted so far the shin tools are my work. I’m going to try my hand at more paint work if I get brave enough.


Jr Hunter
Some more pictures:

This one part of the shin tools printing -

Shin tool print.jpg

Side top view 1

Side 2.jpg

Side top view 2

Side view.jpg

Back - still working on strapping method, may have to replace belt I think the gap may not be right

The stylish boots:



Jr Hunter
Cod attachment (aka Boba Thong):

Cod attach.jpg

Helmet Liner:

Liner 2.jpgHelmet liner.jpg

RS knees and shoulders - Undecided if I use these or the Fett Pride ones. The Fett Pride knees are rubber and really heavy would also need a repaint as some has worn off. Pictures added for comparison

RS Props

RS Knees and shoulders.jpg
Fett Pride

FP knees.jpg

Happy to hear any suggestions or feedback on improvements to what I have posted. :)
As mentioned in first post I still don't have a cape or a Jetpack as yet. I'm hoping the helmet, pouches and cape come through before Christmas Australia Post notwithstanding.


Active Hunter
It's all coming together Mina, you may want to take in the arm sleeve a touch by adding a dart under the armpit the baggyyness is making your arm look bulky. Your boots could do with weathering more also. The girth belt straps are nylon your look like leather


Jr Hunter
It's all coming together Mina, you may want to take in the arm sleeve a touch by adding a dart under the armpit the baggyyness is making your arm look bulky. Your boots could do with weathering more also. The girth belt straps are nylon your look like leather
Thanks very much for the feedback Funky, I really appreciate it. I could feel something not right with the shoulder/sleeve but could not figure out what it was. Has literally been driving me nuts! Shall have a crack at trying to take those in.

I do have more pictures of the boots from the other sides. Was it mainly the sides that look under weathered or the entire boot? I'm thinking that the left boot is really too light especially on the black section. Trying to find a good clear ROTJ picture that is not a MoM one is proving challenging.
Boots top.jpgLeft boot side.jpgLeft boot spikes.jpgLeft Boot.jpg

The straps I have on in the picture are indeed leather. What I was using those for was as a way to hold and measure how long I needed to make my webbing and where to put the holes. Also the leather is right thickness for buckles so was hoping this would simplify the measurements for the fold over. Maybe I over thought it and there was an easier way to do it. I probably should have explained what I was doing there better. :)
Strap meansurement.jpg

Again, I really appreciate you taking the time to give feedback.


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You're welcome we are all in the hunt together. I had a similar issue with my sleeve and found the dart trick helped, I just folded the material under the arm and put a couple of stitches in and it worked well
ROTJ Boot Spikes.jpg
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