Melted Fett

Anyone here see the movie "Little Monsters"? You know what happens when you turn on the light the monster just turns into a pile of clothes. Well look what happened to my Fett.:lol:

I'm not wearing it because I have nothing to stick the armor to as of yet and there are no notches in the girth belt straps to put it on yet.

melted fett.JPG

Scott Kaufmann

The Dent
Community Staff
Thats horrible, now send me that dirty laundry/monster and Ill take care of your problem so you may sleep safely. Seriosuly though the paint scheme and layout looks great aside from your limp RF, looks like someone needs a certain blue pill. By the way, who painted your helmet? The colors look really good.
The RF is hollow and the stalk is made of resin. Not screen accurate. I'm gonna do some reinforcing later with some epoxy putty. That stuff will hold it up straight.

Jimmy BufFETT

Well-Known Hunter
To be quite honest, the damage doesn't look too bad from the picture shown. Now had I seen it in person, the damage may look worse. I hope nothing actually cracked or broke.


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The suit is looking good! The colors and parts look really good, but too clean. Be sure to get everything dirty, so it looks worn in. Good job.

Aayup I know I gotta dirty up the suit. It is still too clean. As for the stalk it is permanently JB welded in place with the earcap on. My helmet is one of the things I plan to "upgrade" later anyway. It is a shame really because I did such a damn good job painting it. If only you could cut and paste in real life....