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When I first started this project the intent was to rebuild to as screen accurate as possible. BUT, along the way I have come to the conclusion that in order to keep the linage of this helmet certain details in the overall shape and size could not be changed without losing this "bloodline" to the real helmet. I am happy with the changes that have been made. Some are totally obvious, other quite subtle.
These are NOT the earcaps that belong to the bucket, I'll have more pics up in 2 days when there finish being made. The new earcaps will be offered in SILVER/NICKEL cold cast metal and will buff up to a pewter style finish(For those of you who are unsure what Cold Cast is, its a special resin that has metal powders mixed in.) This is an especially nice feature if you plan to go the ROTJ route.
Well if you have any questions feel free to post them. If you have a critisism or negitive comment keep it to PM or better yet yourself:)
OH I almost forgot the borden connector will come as a seperate piece that will plug right in. Over a bit of debate I deciede to go this route because I wanted to give you guys the option to easily install your own real BC's
OK, enjoy the pics.

I'm almost there. I've thrown in a piece of plastic behind the visor area and I'm not touching another thing on this helmet(at least not today anyhow :) )
I finished off my earcaps last night/ this morning and I'm satisfied with how everything has come together.
You'll notice gaps between the earcaps thats only because there is double sided tape inbetween holding everything together. The borden connector is a coldcast replica and looks very good, just like metal only its backwards:facepalm DUH! I'm planing on drilling 1/2" holes in the sides of the helmet and having the earcaps "Key" into place. This way you guys just have to plug them in, no fiddling around trying to match things up or bolt on, unless you want to bolt them on. It will basically appear as the borden did in the last batch of pics. The male end on the earcap, female on the helmet.

Well here's the pics, I need to get some rest then I start building the RF.
I will be casting these up on WEDNESDAY if anyone is interested in aquiring one. You can email me at, put MS3 on the title. I'll have some sort of Information formletter to respond with.









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Words can’t illustrate nor convey the raw beauty and meticulous precision of your work MS.(y) :cheers
This is simple why I love and respect this hobby so much, I’m going off now to cry.:lol:


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The ever impressive MS! That is just beyond words.
Its Great.... no, its um...amazing no, not quite. See what I mean?
Just:eek: and really :love and of course(y)
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Great:facepalm I have to get this one to complete my set of the MS1, MS2, and NOW this!!!!

Great work bro:cheers the new ear design..(y)
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That is what I want my awesome MS interiors to go in. Beautiful. :eek: (y)

Who's gonna paint it for me?:)
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Shabad, I am working towards being available to do paint work for people. I am at the tail end of finishing my second Fett bucket. I will be posting pics shortly. The first I have pics on here already unfinished, I used it as a test subject to try all the different techniques. I have learned allot. Another good person to have paint your bucket would be either DarthMiller or SpideyFett, I believe they both do great jobs!! Shoot me a PM if you want me to send you pics of my latest work. If you want to inqure with the other guys do the same with them, there great guys!!! :D