Reworking the old Hasbro Helmet into a Holiday/Droids Boba Fett version


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Thanks jedisushi! I'm starting to like it a bit more. I put it through a few more passes with the moloto pen, and doing the ears today. Ill throw some more pics up in a little bit..

Thank you again for the encouraging words. Hopefully when I do my next helmet, having to use the stenciles and replicate exact damage will constrain my innate desire to go overboard on the weathering.


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Put some color on the ears, just went with a moderate gunmetal color. I then airbrushed some shading and created the scratches with silver rub n buff wax paste applied with a torn sea sponge.
I also used an old t shirt to rub some on the RF topper and stalk and ear edges to highlight them.
I then used some browns and reds applied with a sea sponge to create some random rusting areas.
Still over weathered, as I stated before I believe I would have liked to make a much less weathered version but im using it to test application techniques, see what layers good on top of what. I've noticed as well if you go too heavy with the airbrush shading that the chipping effect can be lost so the goal for the next "real" helmet is to hold back and really restrain myself.

Next and final layer will be a "dust" layer done with chalk powder pigments. And we will call her done. Fun little acclamation piece to get used to the shapes, techniques, materials and masking of a Boba Fett style helmet.

I have a crappy XCoser resin helmet that is in need of some heat reshaping and a new visor but I believe I may attempt to paint that to a more realistic standard before I touch either of my nicer resin cast helmets ( second hand FP helm and an unknown resin cast helmet I got with a lot of armor parts and greenbrier on ebay, ill post that all up for review. It included some awsome Man of War gauntlets for ROTJ ad well) I also purchased some Man of War ESB gauntlets as well and they look great! Casting is top notch.


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Lol tell me about it! Yeah, I was using the cartoony nature of the old Hasbro Helmet to help me not really care about how wrong everything is. In retrospect, I should have gone full cartoon paintjob on this bucket, instead of trying to bring some realistic weathering to it. It still looks neat and has given me so much valuable knowledge and experience with working with liquid masking, the limits of it and the ease of removal. I am now comfortable printing some damage templates and tracing them onto a proper(ish) helm to give it a real go.