Mandalorian Mercs Custom Mandalorian Costume Club.


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Just an update guys. The server should be up and running this evening barring any difficulties. We're in the process of final DNS forwarding, and that's the final thing before we're live again.


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So we had to do some database repair, and that almost made me pull my hair out. However, we powered through it and the Mandalorian Mercs are back up on their new dedicated server.

Thanks to everyone for their patience and giving us the ability to take this step.


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It is with great excitement that Mandalorian Mercs announces it's second European Clan covering Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. This makes the 30th official Mandalorian Mercs chapter world wide, and propels us into 10 countries!

Our newest clan officially goes by the name "Jai'galaar Clan", and is led by Alor'ad Tomoe and Ver'alor Jagen Ordo.

This is a very exciting expansion for the Mandalorian Mercs, and much anticipated. Our invasion into Europe was first initiated by Vok'Chi Clan of the UK back in late 2007, and 2.5 years later we have pushed even further.

Congratulations to our new chapter, and all the men and women who have made it possible.

Boba Pat

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Hi , I too am working diligently on my Beskar'Gam and am hoping to soon (Mandalor willing) not to mention my lovely wife, become an official member here in Manitoba Canada. I'd just like to thank everyone on TDH and also the Mercs site for all these great resources! You guys rock!(y):cheers


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Got to meet many fine members of the club on Saturday and Sunday, great folks and a really nice setup. Here is hoping to run into you ladies and gents more often


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Working hard on my Atif Nasir(Arabic for "Compassionate Protector")but I've gotten in touch with my local detachment of the Mando clans.TDH has greatly helped in my quest to completing the Mando outfit and am close to 50% done!


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signed up over there also as Ghostwalker.
after my bucket WIP on here is complete I will maintain a presence on the Merc board primarily.

just remembered this thread and thought i'd post to show that it does in fact work still.
ancient it may be but it served it's purpose yet again, some 3 years after OP.


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I just signed up for the Mandalorian Mercs. Man, there are a lot of good looking armors on there. I hope I can get my Kal Skirata done and become a member soon.