Mandalorian Mercs Custom Mandalorian Costume Club.


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Mandalorian Mercs, a custom Mandalorian costuming group.

Some of us with the interest of forming a costuming group have come together and started Mandalorian Mercs. We are basically a group of people who would like to see any people interested in costuming, trooping, and attending events come together and do that. We have links to TDH and HV&M as well as resources and vendors (and if your a vendor and would like me to put a link up on our site to you then please PM me.) as well as an interactive calender that users can submit cons and other events to.

Give us a visit!
You guys should really check this place out! It's looking to be quite awsome!

I found it by googling, and It looks pretty sweet. I'm Mandoman overthre BTW. See you guys there!
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We've had a ton of visitors over the last few days. I know many of you are interested in something like this, so come join up!
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Thanks! I have a skeleton site up until version 2.0 is ready to roll out (should be by Friday or the weekend).

Come sign up! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. I expect to see everyone who posts in the Dented Variants forum to sign up!

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We just put up our final version of the website. Still working on a membership form and member database/gallery, but everything else is up to day. Any interested in membership or if you just wanna ask some questions about Mandalorian Mercs, please feel free to PM me or email me at
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Our online membership application is active as of today! Any custom mando's who want to hop onboard with us, please fill out the application.
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We are finally ready to begin taking members via the online application. Mandalorian Mercs is a custom mandalorian only costume club. Our goal is to give customs an official home that they can be part of. We have a very detailed charter (We call it our Codex) that covers pretty much every aspect of what we are about. We promote regional clans much like the 501st uses regional garrisons, and we also use mandalorian ranks to reward members at the clan level.

We also take a very limited number of Aruetsiie or non-mandalorian members who arn't affiliated with the empire, rebellion, or force users.

You can find pretty much any answer to questions you may have about us on our website. Please drop by and give us a visit. You'll find a link to our site in my sig.

We are definitely NOT trying to take anyone away from TDH. We are for custom mandalorians only, and you'll find a link to TDH on our front page as well as links to other great boards, resources, and sites that deal with Mandalorians.
...but it looks like you're trying to set up a group just as elitist and nazi-like as the 501st.

Geez man - open up and tell us how you REALLY feel about them.


I'm feel you man. I feel you.

BTW - did I miss the link to this new org?
I wouldn't mind seeing how my position is comparatively speaking on the subject. My verbocity in the aftermath I'm sure will know no bounds!
If anyone is trying to access the membership application and is having problems, make sure you turn your pop-up blocker off or set it to allow pop-ups from
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If anyone is trying to access the membership application and is having problems, make sure you turn your pop-up blocker off or set it to allow pop-ups from have to remember that the 501st is about costumes in the existing SW realm not what we dream up or create on our own...sadly I wish mine would have made it except that I chose to make a custom and rules are rules...

...there are guidlines that should be followed to allow access to 501st a group there are high profile gigs and the last thing you need is a marginal TK,a totally imperfect Boba, or a 5ft Vader...for most of the general public they are unable to tell the difference...however, there are those SW fans that can and that is one reason why guidelines and standards should be set...without that you have too many subpar costumes...that may hold true to your group as well...what do you do when you have the 'paper cardboard fett' apply???...

...that being said I am glad that you are creating something that hopefully helps to fill a void for those that otherwise are unable to create a canon costume (due to funds or inability to make something) or simply do not wish to have one...and hopefully your group can lend a helping hand to those that need direction to create a quality Custom Mando (y) ShockWave said its all about 'fun'...even with or without the guidelines we are all brought together due to our common interest in SW and the want to costume...that should be enough :cheers


Thanks for your words of encouragement!
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Some time ago (before I learned the lesson) I brought up the idea about creating a group such as this and it got a similar reaction. For the life of me I can't comprehend why that topic elicits such a strong reaction from folks...Any ideas why???

Concerning your site-great effort, it looks like a good start. However, my only problem is that I don't have a completed costume and probably won't for some time. That means it'll be a long while before I'd be able to join. That's about my only issue. As far as the group being elitist or nazi-like, I don't see that at all. It just seems as if they want a group with some standards-personal opinion...Good luck in your groups future efforts.

I never meant any flaming to occur in this post, and I definitely appreciate the words of encouragement. I think many people at some point have had or know someone that has had a problem with this or that organization. It always leaves a bad taste in someone's mouth, and thats only human.

The main goal with this or any other costuming organization is that it's all about the fun. If you can't have fun doing it then don't do it. Mandalorian Mercs is about having fun, sharing our accomplishments, teaching it to others, and fellowship through events. I don't think any of those 4 things are bad at all.
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